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Is anyone interested in dropping laptops around 500-750$ such as the dell xps 12 or 13 or even older 2015 high end computers please tell me your thoughts

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If you are looking for a solid gaming laptop and IF you are willing to spend about 50$ more you can get the HP OMEN that costs about 800$.
Don't take this the wrong way but a some what high end laptop like that might be a little to much, not saying you should get a chrome book but unless your doing video editing on it you might be able to get one for cheaper and put the money that you saved into something else, and one last thing your on the right track with dell if you get a business grade laptop you will be fine just don't to cheep with the laptops with dell or they will die in like one year so stay with the business grade is a must if your not going to buy a laptop next year.
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