May 12, 2018193 views

Can we please finally have an EU department

There is just no other website like Massdrop in the EU and I think a lot of people are sick of paying those shipping fees which isn't actually that bad for me on the deal I want but the only reason I canceled my order was because of import tax and duty fees. They will easily put the price higher than MSRP and also the shipping time which is like an average of 2 months if you're lucky. I was so excited and I know a few friends were too when we found massdrop and we all found some really good deals which we wanted and some of us already ordered it untill I found out about the shipping time and import tax and duty fees, all of us quickly canceled our order because of that.
If Massdrop where to expand to the EU they would make a lot of people happy and also get a lot more people using their site from the EU.
Please make us happy and make this happen. I just want one of those sexy MSI Monitors and I know there are a lot of other people here for other stuff like Mech keyboards and headphones and just so many other deals.
Vale_H2, Varholiaglimp, and 18 others

After what POTUS made it stated clearly USA no more willing to make fair trade with EU and many other countries. No more point of thinking of having EU department.