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m9XX or Jotunheim for gaming? I am using a pair of HE-400i and may soon be purchasing the 660s.

Hello, I am looking for an AMP/DAC for gaming and music, mostly gaming though. I would like an amp/DAC that delivers clean/precise sound. The Schiit Jotunheim is obviously more powerful but is it better for gaming and in general than the m9XX?

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oh Dude.
Go with the Jot.
Far more versatile. And yes, more powerful.

do you seek any other suggestions?

but the simple and short answer; The Jot.

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Agreed! don't cheap out! get the multibit.
I am using a AT2035 with the UX2 as a mic/interface. Apparently, someone told me that the Sound Blaster X7 is a great amp for gaming...
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