Nov 8, 20161033 views

Pre-launch Party: Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX

So, what is everyone doing while waiting for the launch? Only 12 hrs 12 min and 56 sec (at time of post)
Let's see some pictures!

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Was there all through the second drop started, but not gone through the join spin :( and I got a message from CC about 1US$ deduction :(
That was insane. Was there from very beginning and I think I made it under 2000? Wanted first 500 but it took me 200 tries to get past the processing errors.
I'm in! I don't think I made first 500 though because I was having loading / processing problems, is there a way to check? Super exited for these to get here!
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We haven't taken any payment yet because we are waiting for people to finish rejoining the drop. After this process is completed, we will capture the payment and send a confirmation email.
Ok thanks for the info!
Should I make some tea should i not? I need the caffeine
Any chance we can get a drop for Dekoni pads for the HD6XX?
Getting ready for the battle
im personally going to sleep for 2 hours, then wake up at 1am (in Australia) to purchase the HD6XX and check my social media, then ill go back to sleep
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and the funny this is I have exams on the same day and it's presidential election day
I'll help you :). 30 min to go!
Gotta make sure...
This shit better not sell out when I wake up early for this.
Looks like you have plenty of extra cash there. Want to contribute to my pair as well?
Anything for you Mr. Topper! You buy me a beer when I am off the wagon :p
Do you know what time it is dropping EST?
Nov 8th, 9am EST.
Thanks! kunalkumar
Incredibly excited for this drop, ive always wanted to experience high quality music but the entry price was too high, this drop is giving me the opportunity to try it out and maybe even pick it up as a hobby!
I have a AMP / DAC on the way thanks to this communities suggestions.
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Yup, good stuff!
Hey, thanks potato! Good pick on the Amp/DAC : )