Nov 8, 2016195 views

Toaks Titanium Wood Burning Stove

I would argue this is by far the best ultralight wood burning stove. Unlike box stoves like the fireant, when run properly the toaks stove can boil a 750ml pot of water without having to feed additional fuel, it burns nearly smokeless, and fits a nalgene inside (for the large) or fits inside you pot (the small). This would be an ideal product to list on massdrop, or maybe even discuss with Toaks about making a custom one with a shorted top collar section. I have posted a link to my video on the stove to give a sense of how well it works. Thoughts?

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That is really cool! I'd be interested in getting one of those. Thanks for sharing!
That is one tall setup.
It is as you can see in the video I even got a slight rocking motion from tapping it. I have since installed two more stakes on the base in a traingle shape for stability. It works well enough and allows me to keep it nice and compact for travel but insert the stakes for stability.
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