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Future or Current Grail Knife

What’s the most you’ve spent on a knife or are willing to spend? What’s your grail knife?

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Para3 in Cru-Wear
Here it is, the wayfarer 247, love it
This is a work in progress near finished Olamic, made to order, will be getting the finished product this week, can’t wait!
Realized I didn’t post an opened blade pic
Chris Reeves was most I've spent, about 500 bucks. Like the knife but there are several things I don't like and would not buy again, it's just a safe queen though.
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Nice. Like to ask them if they can do orange anodizing. Black blade, grey 5 hole handle, orange pivot, screws and back spacer, blade clip:-)
They might be able to though I’ve never seen it (orange). Follow them on Instagram and send a direct messag, they get back to you pretty quick.
Most I've spent so far is $950 twice; once on a custom from Steve at Nova Blades, once on a custom from DaracSteel (not yet completed). I'm willing to spend more, and will soon on a Geoff Blauvelt (Tuff Knives) custom. Grails for me would be just about anything by Geoff (1200 - 1800) a custom Orso from Jens Anso (1200 - 2000) and last but definitely not least, a Mini Stitch from Borka Blades (1400 - 2400). I'm not yet at a financial position where I can responsibly drop that kind of dough on a super fancy tool that doesn't do anything much better than tools a tenth of the price or less, but I'm working towards it.

With that said, I own knives all across the price spectrum. One of my favorites, due to the quality and design values for the ridiculously low price, is the Kershaw Injection 3.0, which generally goes for like $10. If a knife speaks to me, and I can afford it, I buy it. Can always sell it later if I decide it's not for me.
The most I've spent is just under $500. My favorite is the ZT0562CF with custom blue MXG hardware. What an outstanding knife. The only thing I would really like at this point is a Spyderco Slysz Bowie. Here's a few favorites.
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Those are almost as hard to find. I actually have one on pre-order at KnifeCenter but they show delayed till August...not sure if that means I am SOL on the deal, but hopefully it won't be long.
Hi Duano. Nice collection. If you don't mind me asking, how much was the other CZ knife with the carbon fiber handle all the way to the left on your pic?
Grail knife would be a Southard custom. My first high quality knife was the original Spyderco southard, and I still love that knife.

Most I have spent/would spend? Most I have spent is ~250. Most I would spend is ~350, but it would have to be on something really special. If I was to only have one knife than I would consider more than that, but as it is probably not.
Standard cap is around $200.
ive got to deal with exchange rates, so $200USD is about $280 for me.

grails? Probably a custom razel, grimsmo norseman/ras.
VDK War Admiral, murdered out in M3 steel. So hot but more money than I could ever justify.
Sub- $100 so far, but I've been looking with envy at some that are just out of that range... I really don't need another hobby. At least, that's what my wife tells me.
Realized I didn't answer the other part of the question. The one that's just out of my range that I've been eyeing is the Scout Sopa. Ones that I would never get include the DPx HEST/F Urban - Titanium and the Mcusta Seki Japan MC-0145R VG-10.
My cap is about $250. I've seen customs and mid-techs in the $600+ range that I wouldn't mind owning, but I can't justify that price.

Currently eyeballing the White River FC5.
No doubt, it’s a lot to spend but once in awhile I’ll sell something to put towards something higher end, makes it sting less.
$450.00 for a large Chris Reeve Sabenza! Not sure what I'd pay if I could find an Emerson Scalawag!
I never pay full price. The most I am typically willing to spend is around $200.

That being said. My highest end was a Grimsmo Norseman, which really wasn't that impressive. It was an art piece, not a tool. Never was a "grail" of mine, I just happened into it.

Previous grail was a Liong Mah KUF, which I aquired, and love. Recently added a Liong Mah Warrior 2 limited with the tritium insert in the backspacer, which doesn't really stir my jimmy. Nice knife, like the Norseman will probably get sold.

Current love that was never really on my radar and is currently in my pocket at work is the Olamic Wayfarer 247. So good in the hand.

Edit. Ok ok, I pay full price on stuff in the $100-150 category occasionally, like Massdrop collabs.
Cool, yeah I never pay full price unless it’s here on MD, (most places offer me public service discount fortunlately).