May 16, 2018

Future or Current Grail Knife

What’s the most you’ve spent on a knife or are willing to spend? What’s your grail knife?

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The most I've spent is $220 and that was on the new M390 Boos Blade Smoke.

$550 is my limit only because that is what I hear the price will be for the new Koenig Mini Goblin.

Mini Goblin looks great, but I think if I were going to by another Koenig I’d get a different version of the Arius. The one I have now is a little on the heavy side since it is flat ground, full titanium, and no lightening
My state only allows 3" knives, so the Arius was never really an option for me. When I saw a 3" blade, hollow grind, and m390 steel it was over for me. I cannot wait to order one.
I have the Original Dog Tag O.D.T knife from Curtiss Custom Knives and I would love to own one of his custom flippers. There are several models nothing specific as a grail. Check him out...
Just bought a Paragon Warlock with the Sorcerer grind in o.d. green. $279.99 @ blade hq. I suppose there is no cap to what I'd spend if I REALLY fell in love with it. I also spent a little over $300 on some Microtech Socoms.
My current top end is the Benchmade 940-1 (CF/S90V) that I picked up at REI using my once-a-year 20% coupon. I suppose that makes $250 my high point.

But.... the Protech Magic 2 Automatic in Tuxedo is really calling my name.

If you wanna get (for me) really out there, the Gareth Bull Shamwari front flipper (about 6 bills, when you can find one) is the one that I'd really like to get, but could never reconcile the cost.
Hey thanks for sharing, I use to have an s90v 940-1, I used my benchmade account plus a another coupon and was lucky to score one of those for around $190.00. I carried it for awhile and it just didn’t call to me. Sold it and put the money towards the Arius.
I’ve always wanted a ZT 0392 and finally got one. Then I just bought a Koenig Arius. I sold a lot of my collection as I didn’t want to spend out of pocket at once on these. But it came down to not needing all the knives I’ve collected, and wanting something super nice.
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