May 16, 2018

Mechanical Pocketwatches

I've been on MD for a few years now, and only ever seen one pocketwatch. It was a quartz watch, and that kind of defeats the purpose IMHO. Personally I can't wear a wristwatch as I have a slightly deformed bone in my left wrist. This makes it uncomfortable to wear a watch. I do however love the old-school vibe of the pocketwatch. I got one as a gift from my wife on our wedding day and have gotten one ever scince on our anniversary.

For me mechanical Pocketwatches are the only way to go. While I know the pocketwatch crowd usually goes for antiques, there are still good mechanical watches being made today. I would love to see them on a few future drops. Anyone else?

Well, I would love to see them. But maybe not buy them, I dunno. I like the "olden days" flavor they give off; however, they are not the most practical for me