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5 Amps That Cost More Than Your House

Just hearing the word audiophile can be enough to make wallets tremble in fear, and if you dig deep enough you can easily find some gear that reaches astronomical prices. The sheer variety of uber-high-end gear is quite shocking, ranging from amps that look like spaceships to amps that look like they are 100 yrs old, the common factor between all of them being wallet busting prices and goosebump-inducing audio quality.
*Note: Prices are in USD, but at these rates, it hardly matters!

1. Pivetta Opera Only - $2,200,000

The Pivetta Opera Only is a truly ridiculous piece of gear. Part amplifier, part computer, part modern art, it is an engineering masterwork. The amp is also massive, it’s not something you’ll be placing under your TV, in fact it’s more likely you’ll have to give it a room all to itself. The asking price? Just a cool $2.2 million. If that is just slightly over budget check out the Pivetta Opera One for $650,000.
Here's the amp in action. No touchy 😐.

2. Ultrasound Otello - $600,000

The Ultrasound Otello is not cheap at $600,000, but it is truly an engineering marvel. Thermionic tubes, and OTL with 6 transformers with adjustable polarization, with zero feedback.

3. Rike Audio Edzard - $490,000

Rike Audio, a German manufacturer of high end audio products and capacitors, designed and manufactures the absolutely gorgeous Edzard monoblocks. Not only is the price astronomical at $490,000, the power supply for each block weighs an incredible 440 lbs!

4. Ether Audio Abbssolute Intuition - $380,000

The Abbssolute Intuition is handmade in Bulgaria. Each Monoblock is 4 ½ feet tall and weighs nearly 900 lbs! They use Russian GM100 tubes with pure tungsten cathodes that are the largest tubes ever made for audio, making the monoblocks look like something Nikola Tesla would have invented. The price? $380,000.

5. Goldmund Telos 5000+ - $375,000

The Goldmund Telos 5000+ is a limited edition amplifier that has an insane 5,000 watts of class-A power. The specs claim a THD of 0.0005% and frequency response of 0 Hz to 300,000 Hz, the higher frequencies being far outside of human perception. But why not make a modern marvel of audio engineering instead of just limiting yourself just to mere mortal human perception? At just $375,000 you can not only get pristine audio and massive power, but also the satisfaction of knowing you own an amp that you’ll never be able hear everything it is capable of.

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Good for me. An amp should NEVER cost me more than my house just as my underwear should never cost me more than my car.

Let's go back to being normal.
Now where's my Edifiers?
Can't wait to play USSR anthem on them with max volume.
That $2.2M Amp only pushes 24W to speakers?
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Could you imagine your power bill if it did put out 24,000W, and it’s class A so it’s pulling maximum power 100% of the time.
Dude, I was JUST thinking about that! hahahaha

Would knock my entire block off the grid.
Hmmmm. I don't see the usual "it is cheaper on Amazon" snark.
MY TUBA!!!!!! I knew someone stole it.
They're nice, but can they power a pair of TR50p's?? Probably not.
I have paid and, paid handsomely but I have not received my Pivetta Opera One. Please expedite!
Should I get some beats by Dre for these? They’re really expensive headphones!
Sir, I would go with Blows, cough, cough, excuse me, I meant Bose.
I wonder how many of these are crap
lets start a drop on #1 guys
Living in Singapore, it almost disturbs me to think that every entry except #1 is actually cheaper than a house here...
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Oops yes that's what I meant. Thank you!
Yes, my condo in Silicon Valley is only cheaper than Pivetta Opera, even the Pivetta One is only a few thousand over current asking prices;)
But, I suppose you'd need be powering the Estelon Extreme's as they are also motorized ( for your Pivetta Opera's.
How much power are these bitches using?
Should be legal to kick people's asses, for those prices. Insane!