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A good 2 person hammock?

any recommend camping hammock for 2 person?
I got the klymit double insulated pad, so the hammock just need to be waterproof and 2 side zippers.

I have a Tentsile Vista hammock - its very cool, and the kids love it. But it requires 3 trees, and weighs a LOT. I'm not sure the little 2 person tentsiles are that comfy/spacious from what I've seen.
For 2 people to sleep comfortably in a single hammock, I think you really need something like a bridge hammock, this guy currently sells one that is rated for 350lbs, you could see if he has his even bigger one ready:
Check out Tentsile. They have hybrid hammocks. Your typical gathered end hammock does poorly with two people due to physics - you are on top of each other and not in a good way.
If you're interested in hammock camping with two people, I'd suggest looking into two single hammocks with a spreader bar system. The ENO Fuse Tandem is a good place to start - You'll both be more comfortable than sleeping in the same one. If you just like having a larger hammock for yourself, I'd probably just return and get a single to be honest. You're not going to give yourself more room when hammock camping by having a larger hammock since it will wrap around you a bit when you're sleeping and save some weight at the same time. Hammock camping systems aren't really designed to be flat like a lounging hammock you'd see in a back yard which is why gear for it tends to be pretty specialized like straps that don't harm tree bark.
Good luck on your hunt!
I understand that is not very comfortable to sleep to cater.. I guss i need to ask something else like: there is any flat sleeping hammock that are wide enough for double mattress (klymit double v) ? Or i just need the testline thing..
Generally couples don't sleep in the same hammock at night. It works for daytime cuddling, but apparently is pretty uncomfortable to try and sleep that way, as namhod said.
The following link will show you what it looks like when couples hammock camp together. It's a link to a bugnet that goes over two hammocks:
Here's a video of it in action:
I don't know if such a thing exists. Have you ever laid in a hammock with two people? It's comfortable to cuddle, but not sleep. IMO.
Sorry I am no help. Good luck.