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TiffanyPoodleslide, GunsOfBrixton, and 1 other

OMG! Now we know what happened in Cuba!
the "sonic attack" was OUR fault!
I think you're on to something--better warn the State Department!
I'd buy that if I had way too much money. I'd park it on the grounds of my estate in the Hamptons just to scare my neighbors.
That neighborhood has changed--they might be dig'n it more than you think.
You say that now, but when you offend the illuminati and they show up for the stand-off with this bad boy and start cranking - you'll break. You'll make it through Earth, Wind & Fire, sure, but not Kool & the Gang. Nobody makes it through Kool & the Gang with a sound tank ;)
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As Bio-Dome clearly illustrated, Safety Dance from Men Without Hats is the epitome of sonic warfare... it's been used in many siege situations!
I disagree—I could listen to that all night!