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I need recommendations for new headphones...

I need gaming headphones with a mic for under 100$ or cheaper, after the "drop" in price. Preferably form the hyper x. steel series. sennheiser, or astro, though other suggestions are perfectly fine, a bendy mic with sound foam and a self fitting headband are a bonus, thick head and ear padding would be great, if you have a suggestion with sennheiser or bose headphones that I could stick a mod mic onto that would be great too. also maybe a link to a good mod mic because there are lots of fake sketchey ones and I can never tell which ones are good(already made 2 bad purchases lol) Any links to good used headphones would be nice if all else fails. Thank you for reading this and I also thank you in advance for helping me find the right headphones.(If any headphones are unlikely to be dropped within the year please send me a link t good ones on amazon or other sites)

The Sennheiser GSP300's are a good contender. I have heard good things about em. I personally have the GSP500's. The GSP300's are close back headphones, whereas, the GSP500's are open back. Openback headphones give a larger soundstage, The drivers are a bit better than the GSP300's, but you said you're on a budget. So stick with the 300's, they still sound pretty good. Browse to YT and do a search on em. I think you'll like what you'll see.
I have experience with the Arctis line. I prefer the Arctis 7 because it can be used wirelessly or wired, works with Console and PC, and sounds fairly neutral. If you’re on a budget, the Arctis 5 is a winner IMO.
Any headphone with a single side 3.5 jack can use V-Moda cables. They make one a standard mic and one with a boom mic, either is great and really inexpensive.
this is mainly for gaming though youtube and Spotify will be frequently used to! I would want volume ajustibility and good base and high for all volumes, headphones with a good sense of direction are good too, for I would want to hear my enimies footsteps in shooter games.