May 19, 2018

I would love to see more Massdrop/Spyderco exclusives

I have a thing for Spyderco knives and love getting sprint runs/exclusives that fit my needs.
It's really cool that Massdrop made the Supergold Delica/Enduras. They weren't quite the models I needed at the moment, so I did not indulge, but it appears they did quite well and I see that over 600 people are interested in another run of the Delica.
I would love to see a Manix 2 LW sprint with translucent burgundy scales and a DLC black coated Cruwear blade. What are the chances Massdrop could get this knife made?

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About to move somewhere that my PM2 is no longer "acceptable" - I'd love to get a Para 3 in Cru-wear to replace it...
I entirely agree, even down to the knife recommendation, although I think that unlike the BladeHQ ones, you should add the option for coating for those who it makes or breaks the knives for.
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I can't stand blade coatings personally, but I never use my knives for anything that would be considered "hard use".
I love to hard use my knives when the chance comes myself, and the coatings just will wear off or change the geometry ever so slightly. But mostly because I love metal and the look of it bare.
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