Nov 9, 2016

Why don't men buy clothes on Massdrop?

Something that's been puzzling me about the "Men's' Style" section of MD:
To me "style" mainly means "quality clothes." But I've noticed that almost all the drops of clothes here don't get many buyers--the drop of cheap Chinese polo shirts was the only one I remember selling a lot recently. How does this happen? A well dressed man (not a hoarder) needs 1 wallet, 2-3 watches, and maybe 4 or 5 belts, and these last for 10 years or more. Any man needs a lot more shirts and pants, and those wear out. So why do watches and leather goods far outsell actual clothes here, despite costing as much or more? Is the average MD customer a 15-year-old boy who outgrows his clothes too fast to invest in them? Do accessories arouse more excitement so that people make more impulse purchases?

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I think it is hard to discount high quality clothing (or shoes for that matter). You are selling quality, not necessarily price. Of course, if you can convince an American Made manufacturer to sell a truckload at one time on The Drop! Well, get to it, pickle chops!!
Shoes are difficult to buy online unless you already dont a fitting instore . Kinda good on the wallet but a dick move against the stores. Same with a lot of shirts, clothes , jackets etc.
Agreed on the shoes. Online shopping for shoes/boots can't compare to trying them on in a store with competent staff. That's worth paying for. But once you know your measurements, clothes aren't so complicated.
basically those things are man- jewelry. bling always attracts more interest. you can change your entire look with just one belt. you wear all black say and you have a belt in every color it freakin' pops! yeah it's beyond what you need but style is much more than necessity. otherwise wear a onesie and work from home. also it's those things people buy as gifts it's easier than knowing what size dress shirt they wear.
Define: Men.
4-5 belts? For what?
1 black and 1 brown dress belt. Same for casual, or 1 light and 1 dark, or 1 rough and 1 smooth, 1 wide and 1 narrow etc. The 5th belt would be woven rather than leather, for hot weather.
To be well-dressed, that sounds about right, no?
For the shoes one wears, of course! Aside from Black, Brown, and Tan, you need another two in White and Burgundy to match your Patent leather platforms:

4-5 belts, 2-3 watches?

I guess I've got it all backwards.

Wait, no I have way more belts than I thought. Okay. 6 belts, 14 watches. :p
i hate buying clothes online because you never know how they'll look on you or if they'll even fit.

and it's worse on massdrop because you cant really return things because you dont like them.

i actually am more interested in clothes than i am the accessories page but i'm just too afraid of ending up with something i cant wear.
Because demographic of men on Massdrop are geeky. Cool keyboard case? Awesome. Cool jacket? Meh.
Pretty much. A cool jacket can buy another mech keyboard and another set of cans...
Basically. I'm good with Walmart fashion, let's be real.
Now a days small, medium, large etc. each have 50 different meanings for what size they actually are. Even if looking at number sizes on pants for instance, it's impossible to tell how they will actually fit due to a seemingly endless spectrum of cuts. I'll only order clothing online after I've tried it on and know exactly what it is I'm ordering because I don't want to bother dealing with returning things.

2-3 watches? I have 1 nice watch but it rarely comes out, cell phones have time and more covered.
Lack of large sizes. MD always sticks to small-to-medium sizes, and nothing for real grown men lol
Value, or lack thereof. I buy clothes to last but it also has to be reasonable in price and lasting in design. I have shirts that are still proper that are nearly 15 years old. Proper style lasts and I'm not seeing it here so far.
Problematic return policies and it is slow. Certain of the other categories have more available high quality online reviews elsewhere.
yea that's true, there are many other avenues to get quality clothes. So far, I've bought mostly leather goods from MD which seems decent in quality vs other sites who claims to have good quality.
As far as I'm concerned the clothes they do sell for men are for hipsters. I'm not a Hipster I'm a blue collar worker. I don't need blue jeans that cost several hundred dollars or "boots" that will fall apart in their first month. I don't wear tight jeans or fedoras. The Styles they do have just aren't for me they're for hipsters.
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Great that you're aware of it. Then you should own up to it rather than acting like calling people hipsters doesn't have a negative connotation. It's fine if you don't want to be politically correct. Just don't pretend you're a saint when you're not.
I am aware that people use the word negatively and I don't care. I am not using the word negatively they Market towards hipsters. There is nothing wrong with this and there's nothing wrong with me saying the word hipster. You need to get over yourself everything is not offencive, just stop with your Full House problems. I'm not pretending to be a saint you are. Political correctness is cancer and this isn't a political site.