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Why don't men buy clothes on Massdrop?

Something that's been puzzling me about the "Men's' Style" section of MD:
To me "style" mainly means "quality clothes." But I've noticed that almost all the drops of clothes here don't get many buyers--the drop of cheap Chinese polo shirts was the only one I remember selling a lot recently. How does this happen? A well dressed man (not a hoarder) needs 1 wallet, 2-3 watches, and maybe 4 or 5 belts, and these last for 10 years or more. Any man needs a lot more shirts and pants, and those wear out. So why do watches and leather goods far outsell actual clothes here, despite costing as much or more? Is the average MD customer a 15-year-old boy who outgrows his clothes too fast to invest in them? Do accessories arouse more excitement so that people make more impulse purchases?

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Style has nothing to do with quality.
To me it's about the style. There are many quality offerings here but it's not often I find one that's a fitting match for me
Because grown ass real men find a local source. In trying to "save" time you end up losing and wasting it.
Bro what
Too small for me (I'm a larger guy) and expensive with international shipping, for those that even ship internationally.
To answer your question about the clothing drops not selling as good (my opinion) is because you cannot try these on which is sometimes needed, you cannot exchange if you buy the wrong size (read the comments on the Naked and Famous jeans, every guy is a size or two off and wants to trade eachother). Watches and the boots or shoes on the other hand, we dont need to try on, simple.

The clothes are quality and I would like to buy a few pair of these $99 jeans but I am not about to roll the dice and hope they fit.

This is the only reason keeping me from buying clothes here, I was thinking of trying a pair on in the store and then ordering them? If i go to the store and try them on wouldnt I buy them since I went through that trouble and I am at the store with product in hand. Yes, but if the drop saved me a few $ I might buy another pair.

Oh and I dont think I like my clothing to have MASSDROP labeled on my trendy clothes either. I do find the clothes in trend which I like, and they are quality. Massdrop the label on the Naked and Famous jeans is......less than cool... in my opinion.

Just my two cents.

P.S. Massdrop, I am for hire, I have a few ideas I would love to share. One is bring RC car stuff back. Those drops were big and thats how I ended up learning about Massdrop. The RC car forums used to spread the word about the drops and thats free advertising.

Im serious, contact me. I am a Massdrop shopper and fan! I would like to work for you.

Chris O
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Glassdoor lists a bunch of Massdrop ads, including Product Managr, Watches:

Product Manager, Watches
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Massdrop is searching for a Product Manager to expand our Watch custom products program through organizing collaborations with enthusiast manufacturers and leading the development of new products with manufacturing partners. Our enthusiast members are dedicated experts in their categories and are influential in the way we conduct business. In order to provide unique products for our community, we partner with companies that make products our members love and respect.In this role, our Product Manager, Watches will be responsible for developing partnerships, leading negotiations, and forecasting revenue for both our collaborations and manufacturing projects. This individual will work closely with the Watch community, and members of our founding team to grow our pipeline of custom products.
Thank you! I wish I had marketing experience.
because the clothing is almost always either super expensive or hipster garbage or both
Don't wear a watch. Have two wallets, waiting on a drop to replace one of them. Have 8 belts. Have about seventy shirts, mixed among dress, casual, long and short sleeves and polo-type. But the prices here for shirts are out of whack. I can buy Lands' End dress shirts on sale for $25-40 in my size and they last for years. While they may not be trendy, they refresh patterns yearly, and it's a quality product. I do think that the drops tend to cater to more trendy tastes, which means fewer purchasers, and while the shoes are very nice, they tend to be in the +$200 range, which seems a bit of stretch for my budget. Granted, I haven't gone shoe shopping for a bit, so I don't really know value in shoes, so maybe I am missing out with the shoes drops. And pants, Lands' End as well as Levi's.

Could be I just need to up my game, but then we probably wouldn't be shopping here if we knew that already.
Yeah, not many dress shirts on MD. I think it happened once. Land's End was a quality operation up to about 20 years ago, but now they just outsource to the cheapest factories. I'd rather buy half the shirts at twice the price and wear something I can respect.
I think it is hard to discount high quality clothing (or shoes for that matter). You are selling quality, not necessarily price. Of course, if you can convince an American Made manufacturer to sell a truckload at one time on The Drop! Well, get to it, pickle chops!!
Shoes are difficult to buy online unless you already dont a fitting instore . Kinda good on the wallet but a dick move against the stores. Same with a lot of shirts, clothes , jackets etc.
Agreed on the shoes. Online shopping for shoes/boots can't compare to trying them on in a store with competent staff. That's worth paying for. But once you know your measurements, clothes aren't so complicated.
I find the measurements on clothes sold online to be unreliable, so the ability to return clothes is necessary. In fact, I tend to order three bracketed sizes and return two, so a company that doesn't like that doesn't get my business.

How clothes measurements should be done: Flat on table measurements of the garment, including for shirts a belly measurement, not just chest. If you have clothes at home that fit you can measure those and be sure.

Most places do really crazy measurements. Jeans waist? Vanity measure, totally removed from physical reality. Jackets? They will assume how much "ease" you want and factor that in. You may want little ease, or you may want to wear it over something or just have it baggy. You don't know how they've done it.

There is one physical reality: The flattened, non-stretched size of the garment on a table, measureed from specific points to other specific points. For certain knits and stretchy fabrics you may want to know the expansion percentage for both warp and weft. Again, you compare with existing clothes you have. You do not try to measure yourself, nor do you get someone else to measure you. You order an object of a specific physical size, and you either get that or you return what they send you.
basically those things are man- jewelry. bling always attracts more interest. you can change your entire look with just one belt. you wear all black say and you have a belt in every color it freakin' pops! yeah it's beyond what you need but style is much more than necessity. otherwise wear a onesie and work from home. also it's those things people buy as gifts it's easier than knowing what size dress shirt they wear.
Define: Men.
4-5 belts? For what?
1 black and 1 brown dress belt. Same for casual, or 1 light and 1 dark, or 1 rough and 1 smooth, 1 wide and 1 narrow etc. The 5th belt would be woven rather than leather, for hot weather.
To be well-dressed, that sounds about right, no?
For the shoes one wears, of course! Aside from Black, Brown, and Tan, you need another two in White and Burgundy to match your Patent leather platforms: