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Which civilized flipper choose ?

Hello guys,
I'm looking for a cheap (around 30-50$) knife to carry around. In France it is not allowed to carry a knife, but it is up to the tolerance of law enforcement and location (for example if you carry a knife in your pocket downtown in a major city it will be hard to justify, but around countryside in the backpack it will probably be ok). Thus i'm looking for ;
- a civilized knife (not a scary look, relatively short blade), with a convenient thin blade to peel fruits, slice food and small cooking work.
- a locking mechanism. Full metal handle would be nice, but G10 is ok too.
- a flipper because I love to play with flipper knives (or a thumbstud with a smooth mechanism, but at that price point i'm not sure).
I already own a Kizer Intrepid which is cool, but way too scary to carry around. I was looking for the Kershaw Cryo MK1, but it is a bit "scary" and blade doesn't seem practical to cook.
Thanks for your help !

I'm the wrong one to ask, I like scaring people. I've sunk a knife into the table to make a point without blinking, changing my expression or raising my voice.(110 Folding Hunter) However, the Ferrum Forge / Massdrop / WE knife CO Gent for $80 in S35VN Titanium and G10 is rather non threatening, both to sheep and to the wallet.
Here are a few suggestions, they are budget and nice:
Kershaw Dividend Assisted Opening Knife Black (3" M390 Stonewash) 1812BLK
Buck Vantage Pro Small is also great S30VN and under $70
I'll echo the Gent suggestions above. Great bang for the buck there.
As an alternative, I'd suggest the Boker FR. It's about as civilized, slicey, non-murdery & cheap as I can come up with. The VG-10/Cocobolo version is very elegant ($80 - $90), but there are several other versions.

MD has an exclusive G-10/S35VN version that shows up periodically that's a little murdered out, but it's a very good value.

from my experience, non-knife people are not afraid of tiny knifes (around 2in or 5cm). these should be considered 'cute'
buck scholar (not a flipper, but really fun) crkt jettison rike hummingbird crkt snicker - i have no experience but i've been eye-ing this one for a while spyderco ladybug (or manbug, dragonfly) -these are lockbacks
Fhood suggested most of what I would have already, but the Kershaw dividend is also very thin and slicey with flipper (assisted) and metal handles in your price range. I don't know if it looks too scary and the steel isn't the best (420hc) so you probably would need to touch it up regularly.
My impression was that assisted knives are a big no-no in much of europe. But that reminds me that the Atmos is out there.
I'll check that too ! Actually I'm also tempted to pick an chinese small Sebenza from ebay... I'm a bit ashamed, but I actually had one in D2 steel that was of a very good quality. Otherwise the Ontario rat 2 seems promising, for the moment it is the one I would pick !
You may have looked into them already, but have you considered an Opinel? No idea how you feel about lack of a pocket clip but they fit 2 of your 3 criteria, they're highly functional as a backpacking knife, they're the opposite of tactical, and they're very very low priced for what you get at around $20 depending on the model.
Also they originate from France, so that may be a plus lol
Hi, Indeed, I actually already have some Opinel but they are not "fun" to play with
Steel Will Cutjack mini. $38 Good flipper 3 inch blade Doesn't look all that scary.
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Actually I wouldn't mind spending more, but as it is a knife I wanna carry i need something inexpensive, so that i wouldn't regret it in case it is confiscated by police. It isn't likely to happen but you never know..
Gent looks almost exactly like a pen in the pocket because of the clip. Probably not a terrible choice in your case.
Also I feel you about confiscated and lost knives. I've lost: Spyderco Southard - NYC Spyderco Resiliance - Friend's graduation ceremony Leatherman - TSA Spyderco Temperance 2 - Burgled (I can't even replace this one.)