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Are Big Watches out of Fashion ?

Earl Blaqscribe LeGrande Jr and Duncan

IWC Big Pilot, a tool watch built for a specific purpose. Today it is flown at many desks. In my opinion the watch gained its reputation for the horological achievment. Those who appreciate the accomplishment appropriated the watch and collected it, some who enetered collecting saw it for the history others saw it as a statement. They colllected and wore large watches like Panerai or Deep Ocean for the status. Thereby, creating downmarket opportunities for big cases. Capitalism and fashion dominate the day. If you like a watch wear it. But, I for one can live without large cases that have no purpose other than fashion.
I've never been into the big watch fashion trend. Huge watches have always looked ridiculous to me. You're trying just a little bit too hard and you are catching your wrist on everything! For me, 41mm is a good size.
Today, I started with a 37 mm watch and changed to a 44 millimeter watch later on. My sweet spot is between 39-41 mm. I don't think I'll purchase any more watches above 42 mm.
Once they started showing up on the wrists of hip-hop celebs, they definitely were for me!
I've got watches all over the size spectrum so I don't really care where things are headed. That said, sizes are definitely going down. Even the 'Big Watch' offenders have been producing smaller and smaller watches lately.
Panerai's Luminor Due collection are GORGEOUS, and in my opinion some of the most balanced watches they've produced in a decade (and some are 38mm).
U-Boat; Everyone's favorite brand to dunk on, has also down-scaled with a lot of models now around 40mm and below!
So yeah, watches are trending smaller, but the big boys are still getting produced. Thankfully, so are the little guys.
Also, 'big' can be achieved in different ways. A 38mm Nomos wears huge because it's nearly all dial & those lugs are long as hell. There's more to the size of a watch than it's diameter...
I have a beautiful limited edition Seiko than I plan on selling, simply because 38mm looks laughably small on my wrist. I can see reasons for dress watches to go up to 42mm, and tool watches to 46mm...but lets be honest, no one uses dive watches for diving, and pilots don't actually make use of pilots watches for navigation these days.
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Beautiful Sakura Cocktail Time. What are you asking?
Nothing yet, watching prices for BNIB JDM models.
I think it really depends on the style of the watch, the size of the wearer's wrist, and personal preference. I have an 8" wrist, so larger watches look much better on my wrist. I have plenty of watches from the 70s and 80s that are 32-36mm, when that was the norm, and all just look silly on me now. My wife and daughters wear them now.
But it does also depend on the style of the watch. I prefer a dress watch to be 40mm, a diver to be 40-42mm and a chronograph to be 42-44mm for my wrist. But those sizes might be way too big for someone with a 6.5" wrist.
The biggest watch I own is 48mm and it rarely gets wrist time due to its size. The smallest watch I wear regularly is the 39.5mm Seiko Alpinist, which also wears much smaller than its size due to the dial design, so much so that I sometimes wonder if I will keep that watch in the long run.
In my opinion, there are many factors that go into what makes a watch the right size. I have several 40mm dress watches, but each appears to be a different size due to differences on the bezel design and thickness.
And yet I stubbornly keep, and occasionally wear, a 36mm Raymond Weil Tango I bought in 1997 because I absolutely love the design. Go figure.
I think it mostly depends on wrist size. My Tissot at 38mm sans crown is as large as I can wear on my 6.5" wrist. And I'm a medium build. That said, the lugs do make it wear larger.
A guy who's 6'5" and 250lb. can probably wear a 44mm and not have it dwarf his forearm and hand.
(For some reason Filestack won't let me grab a photo from my phone.)
Out of fashion? Well, subjectively speaking, 40mm used to be "big", then needlessly goofy bling size watches (45mm and up) became a trend, which I think has certainly subsided considerably (along with some now forgotten fashion brands that helped popularize it).
I think the Swiss have settled on 41/42mm as a new norm though, with 36/38 offerings being unisex or lady watches.
I myself have never been into overly large, blinged out watches. That said, a few manufacturers can pull off large(r) elegant time pieces that establish presence without doing so ostentatiously.
I also believe that 42mm is the most comfortable wristsize but it doesn’t have enough wrist presence . i think the size of the watch shouof fit its design. If you wear a pilot watch it’s can’t be less then 45 mm