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A couple keebs and a cup of espresso. Think we've got one of the better spots in the office. 🍵
Buems, Pedrovrm, and 37 others

Whats the one with the red numbers in the top left? Also, K E E B S
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Videos, tips, how-tos, seems like something i can really get into
Well, you've come to the right place. Start with this little guy and let me know how it goes:
What is the name of the set at the bottom near the middle with the blues, pinks, purples, and yellows with a grey space bar? It looks so nice and I might have to put it on the list of key-caps I want to buy which is currently Hana and Miami Dolch.
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Ahhhh, currently a poor college student but maybe someday I'll be able to amass a keyboard collection and pick up some of the older sets if they ever have a second drop in the future.
No worries. I wish I had a collection like this for myself. This is basically a nice display we've set up in our area of the Massdrop office.
Thanks for using the word keebs as an abbreviation for the stupidly long word keyboard.
I quit this website the second I saw someone abbrivate the word keyboards to keebs. Thanks Duncan
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Come on Dunc, that was obviously hyperbole.
What is the board with the brown keys? It's bothering me lol I know I've seen that board
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Thanks Duncan! It was right on the tip of my tongue, and now I know it's the k-type. And that's an interesting camera you have there heheh
"A couple"
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Happy 4,000 endorsements, FYI!
If anyone wants a closeup on any of these let me know.
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I'm guessing one of their limited editions? Thanks for the ident.
Will have to ask Yanbo, but I think you're right.