May 22, 2018

Watch Bracelets and Straps

So this seems like a good group of watch purchasers that know their stuff. I've got a couple time pieces where the stainless steel bracelet went to hell. I contacted the manufacturer to get a replacement but those bands are no longer made. Long story short, where do you get your high quality bracelets and straps from?

Problem with aftermarket bracelets is getting a good fit on the end to the watch. You either have to use a near-fit folded endlink which you must do a little hand-fitting yourself, or a straight link is used and a gap left there between the links. Up to you if this works.
Personally, I get curious by what you mean by a bracelet that has "gone to hell". Did it physically break, or is the finish scratched and dinged-up? Cosmetic damage can often be repaired or at least concealed easily. The most difficult to refinish are the matte "bead-blasted" finish as that requires taking to somebody with a media-blaster (commonly called sand-blaster) and likely disassembly of the links. High-polish finish is easily touched-up with a dremel tool and metal polish. Matte-brushed finish can be carefully fixed with a green 3M abrasive pad. Combo polished/brushed requires masking off areas to do the work and being careful.
And just to contribute to the original question, Amazon and Ebay are loaded with strap and bracelets for sale. And here are 3 links to other sellers I have used in the past. I'm really spanning the globe on these links: from China to Germany to USA.
Like Hammer said, they real key is getting the right sort of end lugs to match up with the watch in question.
What is the watch in question? Some OEMs have huge aftermarket support (Seiko) while others are near impossible (Oris -19 mm is tough to find, especially in a bracelet).