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What is the best budget graphics card

Im looking for an upgrade for my 970ti and was wondering what the best budget option was


Are you sure you have a 970ti? Because that does not exist. A good upgrade option for 1080p / 1440p is the GTX 1070 they just got a price drop. You can get a new one for about 460 on newegg and a used one on eBay for 400$ if you have a 970 you will see a big fps increase. A good budget option is a used Rx 480 on eBay for 230$ You may just want to keep your current card because sub 200$ cards will have the same proformance as your 970
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Thanks tho
Buying a sub 250$ card won't be much of an upgrade. Better off keeping it or selling it and pay around 400 for a 1070