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Interest Check: Outdoors & Ultralight Jackets

Hey guys,
We want to hear what Outdoors & Ultralight jackets all of you are into. More specifically, what brands, types, and styles.
What type of qualities do you look for in a jacket? ▶ Are there certain materials or designs that make most sense for you? ▶ What companies do you think make the best products?
We’re always looking at posts and polls for suggestions, and we take them into account when we’re looking for products to put on the site. It doesn’t mean we can secure relationships with every brand or company of course, but we do try, and it gives us a better sense of the interests of the community.
We thought the easiest way to round up and talk about what jackets everyone likes is to make a Talk Post so let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion. Myself and the buying team will be here to take everything into consideration.
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We’ll be posting other Interest Checks for other categories (shoes, tents, canisters, etc.) soon so stay tuned. And feel free to share any polls you’ve created here so we can help more people see them.
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Would love to see this based around layering for different conditions. Winter hardshell, summer waterproof, down, and a soft shell.
Would appreciate specific sizing instructions that state possible fit over a thinner layer, e.g. thermal underwear upper or fleece, vs. a thicker item like a down jacket. Helps all of us tp plan the right size to purchase. Thanks.
Arc'teryx and mountain hardware all the way. It would be nice to see technical garments made by mountain hardware. A lot of the recent jackets were more urban where. Hardshells, down jackets, rainpants, merino layers & fleeces are the sort of drops i want to see more off
Super keen in event approved ultra light trail running waterproof jackets. Great example that I'd love to purchase would be Outdoor Research Women's Helium II Rain Jacket.
Big fan of Patagonia and fjallraven. Exceptional quality and functionality. My Chrome Industries storm field jacket looks great and has taken a helluva beating, can't say enough good about it. While I haven't tried their stuff, I'm really liking the look of the mission workshop bridgeman peacoat. Their coats look like great quality and the style is outstanding, only issue is they are pricey (looking at quality peacoats though the price is relatively comparable).
I have the Montbell Versalite jacket and pants And the Montbell Torrent Flier goretex jacket I use the Torrent for winter and Versalite for the rest of the time. The Versalite is so light that it is also my travel jacket
Since it's August, I can't stop thinking about the start of ski season. Would love to see some ski jackets start dropping (also some pants) now so that they could be purchased and in hand for the first snow fall!
I have a Helium II rain jacket and I’m good until that one dies. But even when jackets tout breathability, I find that I sweat no matter what. Helium is great but I wouldn’t mind a little more weight to have pit zips.
I will be interested in Hyperlite Mountain Gear The Shell jacket. Made of Dyneema which is waterproof itself Doesn’t need to worry about the waterproof coating wearing off.
I would suggest helly hansen jacket with either primaloft or goretex for a better durability for the price and best apparel you can have for outdoor sport. I personally prefer the Odin style on their website !
Most of the time I prefer Uniqlo cause they deliver that quality even though it tends to be overpriced and are hard to consider when there isn't any discount. I've also been in search for a unique hoodie that had lapels so it could be used for both formal and casual wear without having to own two jackets/blazers.
I’ll add that I’m a fan of Patagonia for a lot of reasons but on a thru hike I’m driven by weight, Hence the Haglofs LIM. With exception of the MH Ghost Whisperer most companies version of an “ ultralight” down jacket is in the 9-12 oz range. I think an “ultralight“ down jacket should be sub 8 oz. it will suffer durability but if I wanted that I would use canvas...
I have several different styles / lofts of down jackets for different temps and activities ( mid layer, outer layer, hood/ no hood etc). My go to jacket for hiking/ thru hiking is the Haglofs L.I.M down jacket with no hood. It weighs in at around 5 oz. It’s very minamalist; no cuffs, no pocket zippers, no chest pocket and Pertex Quantum (?) material. I’ve pretty much delofted it from a 2017 thru hike of the PCT ( sleeping in it a lot) but used it on a recent 215 mile section hike on the PCT. For weight to warmth I don’t think it can be beat. I would love to get a new one with a hood. If Massdrop offered that jacket or any Haglofs jackets I would participate. For really cold temps I have a Marmot Aba Dablam ( spelling?)and I also have a Dynafit that I recently purchased that I really like
very interested in ultralight jackets and windbreakers! google image search "human race/trail jacket" or "tommy hilfiger windbreaker".
Uninsulated 100% polyurethane shell. Rain/Wind wall with zero added warmth. Pitzips and/or mechanical venting for breathability. Get warmth through layering.
200-220gsm Merino/Polypro thermal > 200gsm Merino Sweatshirt > 240-260gsm Merino Hoodie > PU Shell.
Provides far more efficient warmth and higher breathability vs any insulated jacket, and also allows you to add/remove layers if the temp changes, while still keeping the shell on.
I am interested in a lightweight jacket with synthetic insulation preferably with a hood. Patagonia Nano Puff Hoodie is a good example.
INSULATED Something like the Enlightened Equipment Torrid Apex jacket would be great. It's a relatively new product for EE, but getting very good reviews from users. I'm not as keen on down due to risks if it gets water-logged, but if you are doing down - then ideally ethically-sourced down and ultralight would best suit your market on here I think.
SHELL Outdoor Research Helium II is likely going to be the most popular. I recently got a Helium II "Traveller" jacket which is the longer-length women's version, which I love and would recommend to friends.
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Is it likely they'll be a drop on EE Torrid Apex jacket before Christmas? I need one for a hike, and I'm trying to decide whether to push the button and buy one from EE, or wait and hope for a drop on Massdrop.
Unfortunately, at the moment it’s looking like no. There was a time where I would have said yes to that Though but still working through some details.
Weight to warmth ratio most important (Assume we are talking about regular jackets, not rain gear). Synthetic Insulated : Patagonia Micro Puff Hoodie. Down Insulated: Patagonia Down Sweater. This is a great layering item underneath the Micro Puff Hoodie. Each around 9 oz. and pack down small.
How's the Micro Puff?? I haven't tried it !
Working at Patagonia, I built up a pretty massive collection of jackets. However, I live in my Nano Puff and Down Sweater Hoody. Both amazing!
I actually have not purchased the micro puff yet, it's on my wish list. Currently using the nano puff pullover, and the down sweater pullover as a layer beneath when needed. I love this set up! This suits me on the trail down to the mid twenties. I use the OR down hat with this set up. However going to the micro puff would save me a couple ounces and give me the added benefit of the hood. Hopefully the micro puff makes it onto massdrop.
Very breathable, quick drying, lightweight, something like the Rab alpha direct flash jacket
patagonia nano puff hoodie
Feathered Friends EOS
Enlightened Equipment synthetic insulated jacket.
Would be good to see some gear from patagonia:)
IMHO, pit zips are essential in waterproof shells for temperature management. Pet peeves are garments with really short sleeves (Rab are serial offenders here), really short backs, and hoods designed for people with no necks.
If we're talking about things other than rainshells, then breathable areas at the sides or under the arms help with comfort. I like chest pockets - not pockets that sit under rucksack hip belts.
As for brands, I like Patagonia, Marmot OR & Salomon - but not Rab unless they fix the sleeve lengths; their pants are good though. Arcteryx, Hagloffs, etc, might be good but they're just too pricy to consider.
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When I was in the UK In 2015 I tried on quite a few different Rab jackets, but all of them had abnormally short sleeves; the same has been true of stock here in Oz since. Maybe things have changed recently due to complaints...
PS: When I say shorter than others, I mean by 2-3".
I've been wearing Salomon's for years now and own several pairs for trail running (GTX-Pro), hiking boots, and some running shoes. They're great for my feet and have done backpacking trips and hikes in excess of 20 miles and no soreness in my feet (legs a diff story).
I also like the Teva Mush sandals, super comfortable.
For me, Outdoor Research Helium II is pretty much perfect
Too broad a question. Please to narrow it down. -rain shell? -wind shell? -puffy? -synthetic? -hard shell? -soft shell -fleece?
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I will go into more detail later but in terms of fleece: What if Melly did a thumbhole hoodie drop? You guys would sell thousands of pieces.
I like it.
Enlightened Equipment's Torrid Apex jacket. Synthetic insulation - 8.4 oz. with hood.
Like to see non down puffa/insulting jacket offered.