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iKBC F-series RGB Cherry MX Mechanical Keyboard

We have launched the F-Series in the U.S.! Get yours today! [moderated, explanation in comments] For reliability and consistency, there's no substitute for Cherry MX mechanical key switches. The F-series uses Cherry MX switches for super-fast actuation time and smooth, linear key response for ultra-fast double and triple taps without the audible click. Available in Black, Blue, Brown and Red.
- A durable keyboard with PBT Keycaps & Double shot injection molding keycaps with laser etching printing for crystal clear backlighting as well as Ergonomic Keycap Shapes designed to provide you with durable, long lasting and comfortable typing experience.
- 9 Multiple-modes LED RGB Per-Key Backlighting, Color-Flashing Speed and Time Machine count down, and onboard memory to take your customized macros and lighting settings anywhere you go.
- 3 Built-in preset layouts, Qwerty, Dvorak and Colemak, Brightness level control. Programming the layouts can be done exclusively with keyboard bindings (no computer software needed).
- 100% anti-ghosting with full key rollover on USB and convenient Multi-Media Keys Fn+F1~F12. Entire keyboard is programmable to assign a macro to any key.
- Time Machine, don’t miss an important meeting with the Time Machine function, let the keyboard flash a specific color to get your attention and never forget an important event again.
100% Cherry MX Brown Key Switches:
Available in Black, Brown, Blue and Red
Fully Programmable Keys & Per-Key Backlighting
Each key is programmable with its own key function or macros, as well as independent per-key backlighting and lighting patterns options for the ultimate customization experience.

Ergonomic design


Easy cable management for an optimal positioning on your desk
PBT Double Shot Keycaps
Extra ABS Keycap for WASD and ARROW
Please enjoy our new F series slideshow
What is in the box!!

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I read that the backlit Double Shot PBT keycaps are made by Vortex for the F-Series, they are by far the best backlit Double Shot PBT keycaps on the market, they look really nice on the pictures and the overall build of the keyboards looks solid and of high quality.
You should post a video showing the LED modes so that we can have a closer look at the quality of the light effects.
Thanks for this post!