May 24, 201866 views
Ok, so my orange Dan Henry 1970 44mm 'super compressor' watch arrived today! Together with the two extra straps I ordered on Amazon. Now I have to decide wich one to put on it!

Thanks to @toestor for posting his grey version: and making me aware of this watch! When I saw they have this orange version as well that looks almost exactly like the 1967 Exactus Diver Super Compressor (, I knew I had to get me one. I love this vintage style.

I also orderded two nato straps that I think will go great with it, but to my surprise, the rubber strap that comes with it, is super comfortable. In fact it's the best feeling rubber strap I ever felt!

Anyway: I'm a happy watch owner again!

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That watch looks amazing! Do you know if the glass is sapphire?
Sadly no. I have seen pictures from someone who got it stuck it when he opened the drawer he had stored in and it was shattered spectacular...
Note the pricepoint is $250 so I think it would be hard to make it with sapphire...
I love the face of the watch and really appreciate the case back. I don't really care for see through case backs on a tool watch. I have been toying with buying one of these watches.
How do you like it?
It literally is now one of my top 5 favorite watches in my collection. The only drawback of putting that Nato-strap on it, is that you can't show off the case back easy. But I find myself constantly doing it anyway ;-)
Dan Henry has a bunch of really nice vintage style watches and they are all worth every penny - based on this one...
Any of those straps are a good choice, the one on the left will make it really standout on the wrist.
Yeah the black and orange one is a bit more subdued, but all in all I think I will alternate between those and save the original strap...
Actually also thinking that a leather "racing" style strap (brown with orange holes) might look really sharp on this too...
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