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Seiko Kinetic Repair

I have a Seiko Kinetic SKA187 that was given to me many years ago; I stopped wearing it about about 8 years ago. I was wondering if people had any suggestions on a good place to get it serviced as it does not charge any more.
It is a little beat up, but still a fairly unique looking watch.
Olobstur and rsallen

I had one of those. Cool watch. Just as BF Hammer suggested, you need capacitor replaced. Took mine to a retail watch shop and they forwarded watch to Seiko for the fix.
Time for a capacitor replacement. It is a common problem for the 1990's to early 2000's vintage Kinetics. You can look up Seiko's USA service center easy enough, they will do repairs outside of warranty. Many watch repairers will do it also, it is like replacing a battery, but some extra disassembly involved once the back is off.
Edit: link to Seiko USA service center