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Rolex Submariner Homage for Under $200

What's the best Rolex Sub homage watch for under $200?

I personally own invictas. The Older invictas...(pre 50+mm) and I think they nice watches. Seems every time I wear my gold pro diver someone will give a compliment. They’re not bad... not bad at all.
Lets just stop all this INVICTA shaming; wear 'em with pride--I do!
search JOMW does a good review of different alternatives.
Wearing an Invicta is like having a sister working in a brothel, embarrassing. Steinhart makes the best Homage, but they are in the $400 range. On watchesuseek you will see them for mush less. Great quality and not embarrassing.
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I agree that the Invicta Prodiver 8926 OB is a great homage. Reliable Seiko NH35A movement, decent finishing for the price, and between Memorial Day and Father's Day you might be able to find it as cheap as $70.
I own one myself, as well as the 8927 OB pictured below. I helped build a playground this week and that's the watch I reached for. Cheap to replace if something happens to it.

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That's a great looking watch. Steinhart is a bit better value than Squale, in that you get a comparable watch for a bit lower cost. It was nearly a toss up when I was deciding but ultimately I went with the Squale. I can't compare them both in person but from what I've read they are both high quality. I nearly bought the Ocean One bronze myself, but then went with a different bronze diver.
Personally I prefered the Steinhart. After watching the reviews I decided the case body and back was 'in my opinion' better than the Squale, I liked how steinhart put their own twist on it. The only thing I miss with the Steinhart is the applied indices
I am not to terribly familiar with many homage pieces truthfully, but I don’t like seeing questions go unanswered. I know of a few that are sub $1k, but $200 is a different story. I’ve read and seen the Invicta (yes, that Invicta) pro diver, and it’s seems to hit above its price point for a under $100 Watch.


You want to talk genuine subs, I’m game all day, but the homage market just isn’t something I follow as diligently.
i am sure others here might offer some further opinion and insight however.
Definitely the best at sub-$100! I bought one for my teenage son as his first automatic (won't shed any tears if he breaks or loses it), and was pleasantly surprised. Well made with a good movement, and a very wearable size.