Nov 11, 2016

Would it be possible to get a drop from the Detroit Watch Co. kids?

Have liked their aesthetics and approach to making watches since they launched and the movements are solid, serviceable, etc. (they source out solid movements and focus on case and design and build quality which the Swiss have done a lot in the past, but they have realized savings that are reflected in their pricing).
Anyone else fond of these? I find myself particularly drawn to the 39mm

1701 Pontchartrain &

1701 L'Horloge-Swiss

Thoughts? Others interested? Is a drop possible from a brand that pretty much only deals in limited/low production numbers?
Certainly better design and integrity of execution than the ginormous sized quartz pieces coming from the Shinola sandbox across town...


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These seem to be pretty cool time pieces, I'm intrigued. Certainly like the looks more than the Shinolas
Never heard of this brand, but love the look. I am afraid it is a bit out of my price range, though. I did send their website link to my wife just in case she has some money rat-holed somewhere I don't know about. lol
Also take a look at their Woodward M1 collection.
I'd certainly vote for something from the Detroit line. They look great, seem to be well made and are reasonably priced.
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