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Feeling fancy but keeping it casual. JLC Reverso Duoface Grande Taille Tribute to 1931 (a mouthfull every time).
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oh man... you know, I'm trying to ignore my pining for a Reverso Grande GMT.... I mean if one comes along on a steel bracelet I don't know if I could hold back - THAT would be sweet steel sports watch.
Do you use the reverse face of your GT often in casual settings? Reverse face on the GMT is sort of the selling point for me on the Grande. You've got a sweet watch there.
It’s a formal watch but I try to dress it down often otherwise it won’t get much wrist time.
I‘ve been saving some lovely leather that (when I have time) I will use to make a much more relaxed looking strap. We’ll see how well it works. 🤷‍♂️
I tend to to wear the white face maybe 80% of the time i’d guess.
Awesome. Show the back! Show the back! .....
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Pretty much, the black side has some chrome (polished steel I believe) sections amidst the white, but yep - one side white, one side black. The black has a legit GMT hand and each face can track a different time zone.
Pretty impressive! Specially in such a small case.
"A shiny, gorgeous creature frolicks through the hairy jungles of Wristmania" - * David Attenborough voice *
Haha! Genuine out loud guffaw on that one :)