May 25, 2018

Got a playlist for testing out headphones?

Howdily doodily audiophilerinos! I was testing out some pads today and realized that I pretty much have a standard set of songs that I test headphones with. I enjoyed the vinyl sharing lists. So here is my list of headphone testers, what is yours?
Radiohead- Maquiladora <--- If this doesn't muddy up when cranked, you have good cans.
Photay - Reconstruct <---Funky digital twists and samples.
Greensky Bluegrass - Time > Breath Reprise <-- Insane bluegrass live performance so you get to either feel like you are there, or you don't.
Rootkit - Wildfire <--- Digital feels or it is empty electric. Really is a 1 or a 0 depending on the headphones imo.
deadmau5 - I remember <--- A real classic that you either get a good trance groove off or again with bad headphones just sounds bland.
The Underachievers - The Mahdi <--- The sax, the beat, the grimey voice. Bad headphones it just sounds like a normally produced song but there is real detail in there on some good headphones. 93' til infinity feels.
Queen- Who Needs You <--- This is a 5.1 or 7.1 or 2.1 tester. Guitar left channel/ Mercury right/ nice bass and rythm that ties it together in a good set of headphones.
Skyzoo, Illmind - Frisbees <--- On a good pair of headphones the lyrics in the song are the most insane you will ever hear and the futuresound synth hook is beast. Good pair bonus is an all encompassing synth throughout the whole song. Bad pair of headphones you won't be able to hear clearly what he is saying and the hook blends into blandness.
Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better <--- I just groove to this.
Killer Mike - Reagan <--- Will give you goosebumps on some good headphones when you listen to the lyrics and the story. Paints an incredible picture and has a distorted piano that I am in love with. Bad headphones will just be a headbobber with ill lyrics.
Talking Heads - Crosseyed And Painless <--- This touches all the bases. The singer goes crazy. You get these sporadic notes of different guitars in the left and right channels that play off each other with a groovy piano holding a beat with a beast bassist.
Fucked up - Queen of Hearts <--- On a rocking set of headphones the harmony is incredible when Sandy Miranda starts in.

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Thanks for the lists. Just curious which headphones from your inventory make you feel like you are there. The only one I have that does it is the 800S.
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Here is my review with a few of your tracks.. only used the headphones that were near me at the time.

All Tests on HDV 820, no EQ.

GreenSkyBlugrass - Time:

800S- Instruments sound great, voice sounds like it has too much treble and not enough mids, bass guitar is a little weaker than I'd like.
The 800S is picking up too much of the string sounds (might be a bad recording/bad guitar). Doesn't feel immersed because the voice seems like it is in the wrong position.
Although this technically is the most accurate, it was my least favorite for this song because it picks up more detail than all the other headphones... and those details are not good details, the guitar actually sound like shit, and you can't hear that on the other headphones.

DT1990Pro- The treble is not as bad but the bass guitar isn't doin' much for me. Mids sound a little better than the 800S. Soundstage and imaging is less impressive than 800s.

Fostex TH-6XX PurpleHearts- More soundstage than the DT1990Pro, The bass guitar is finally represented, but the treble is slightly harsh, similar to the 800s.
In this case the Fostex wins IMO because it sounds the most live.

Sony MDR MA900 - Smooth sound, easy to listen too, nothing hurts, but it does lose a tiny bit of detail, and tiny bit of imaging.
If i was listening to this kind of music for more than 30 minutes this is what i would want.

1More - Triple Driver: Lots of detail, and the bass is clear (although not very loud, it is there) Sounds good. i think these take 2nd place.

The Underachievers - The Mahdi
800S- Very good, crisp, bass isn't bad. winner.

Dt1990Pro- Saxaphone doesn't sound as realistic, bass distorts... nope (these fail) next headphones.

Fostex TH-6XX PurpleHearts- Bass overblown (but i'm a bass-head so not complaining), has a tunnel feeling like it is missing the lower-mids, sounds a little closed off

Sony MDR MA900- Bass distorts too easily, can't enjoy the track because of the bass distortion and medium-loud volume

1More - Triple Driver: Missing mids, sounds hallow kinda like the fostex, sax has emphasis on the treble which makes it sound less lifelike (but still sounds pretty good)
Photay - No Sass
800S- Nailed it, didn't want to stop listening.

DT1990Pro- I don't feel as immersed but it is catching all the details. Nothing wrong other than i don't feel like i am in the song.

Fostex TH6XX PurpleHearts- The bass is fun, although i don't feel as immersed as i did with the 800s, the fun characteristic makes up for it. 2nd place.

Sony MDR MA900- Feel even less immersed, although sounds are coming for far away. tied for 3rd. no problem with the bass this time.

1More - Triple Driver: sounds good, still not exactly immersed, but pretty good.
side note: if you had 800S you would probably have picked different tracks, these seem like fostex tracks to me.
another side note: the fostex stock pads have the least premium feel of the bunch.
final side note: don't get me wrong. I enjoy the shit out of my Fostex purplehearts (TH-900MK2 Blue Sapphire just ordered, on it's way)
Don't feel like typing out my local file playlists but here are some of my lossy/streaming ones:

Imaging & Soundstage:


Female Vocals:

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