May 28, 2018167 views

Will airport detectors damage automatic and quartz watches?

If so, will the damage be temporary or permanent? I've heard arguments from both sides, but it will be best for someone knowledgeable in the subject to clarify this matter :)

I am certainly not knowledgeable in this area, but I am experienced. I have taken both mechanical and quartz watches through airport detectors many times and have never had any problems with any of the watches.
My watches have passed through both types of people scanners while on my wrist, and through the X-ray scanners in my carry-on. I have had no issues with any of my watches.
Good question. I would imagine that most modern x-ray machines do not generate enough of a magnetic field directly that it would impact a modern automatic watch. That is to say, I don't think it's impossible to have your watch affected, but highly unlikely. Most watches conform to ISO standard 764 Horology, which states a watch should resist up to 4800 A/m, as to where I have read that most modern X-Ray machines for the average travelers purpose do not generate more than 400-500 A/m to the person getting scanned. Quartz watches are not really affected long term by magnetic exposure, so even less worry with those.
In all my travels truthfully, I have never thought of or had much concern for this.
Hi StainlessOnly, thanks for your reply! It does seem reassuring- 4800 A/m should be adequate indeed :) Cheers Mate!