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Best all-round headphone's at 200$? (Gaming, music, movies)

Price can be flexible. I mostly play FPS games and listen to music when I'm not gaming. Willing to buy a dac/amp or both.I want something that will immerse me into the game e.g. realistic gunshots, explosions, subtle rustling of leaves and so on.

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Sounds like you'll want something with good presence to bring out the impact and sense of realism. If that's so, the HE400i's not a bad choice, and you can get it cheap around these days
Best doesn't exist, different strokes for different folks.

Best all-round woman at the age of ~ 20? (Cooking, smex, fooling around)

But i would say you can't go wrong with the HD 6XX:
A lot of folks i know, like a Fidelio X2:
So many options, maybe better to go to a local store and try personal.
What does hd6xx excel in that X2'a lack?(and vice versa)
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