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Interest Check: Outdoors & Ultralight Backpacks

Hey guys,
We want to hear what Ultralight & Outdoors backpacks all of you are into. More specifically, what brands, types, and styles.
▶ What type of qualities do you look for in a backpack? ▶ Are there certain features that make most sense for you? ▶ What companies/brands do you think make the best products?
We’re always looking at posts and polls of suggestions, and we take this into account when we’re looking for products to put on the site. It doesn’t mean we can secure relationships with any brand of course, but it does mean we can try, and it gives us a better sense of the interests of the community. So let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion.
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gossamer gear gorilla and mariposa packs. Osprey AG packs. Zpacks.
Minimal, lightweight, quality.
ULA! Cottage industry packs are on the forefront of any serious backpacker's mind right now.
If we could get some small (8-13L) packs I'd be super down for that
Qualities 1. Able to comfortably handle up to 35# 2. Womens sizing 3. Under 2.5# 4. Can fit a BV500 horizontally 5. Large hip belt pockets (to fit snacks and phone) 6. Large mesh pocket for wet items 7. Air flow technology to keep back drier 8. Comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps 9. Side pockets that allow me to get to water bottles without taking off backpack 10. Internal frame 11. Load lifters 12. Waterproof would be a wonderful plus 13. Price under $200 14. Lifetime warranty Yes, I want it all!! Just haven't found it yet. The Osprey Eja and Gregory Octal are the closest I have found. The Eja is the most comfortable up to about 30/35#, but has no hip pockets; and has a very annoying top cover that is not removable. The Octal is not as comfortable (good up to about 27/28#); has decent hip belt pockets; comes with a rain cover; and has a removable top cover. Neither are waterproof. Both are internal frame; have large mesh pocket for wet items; have air flow technology; can fit a BV500 horizontally; have load lifters; lifetime warranties; and are easy to remove water bottles with pack on. I use the Eja for loads over 30# and the Octal for loads under 30#.
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$50 for hip belt pockets on top of the cost of the backpack is too much for me, but thank you.
$30, but I totally get it. its from an ultralight made to order company so it does get pricey.
What type of qualities do you look for in a backpack? comfort, quality, ~60-70 liters Are there certain features that make most sense for you? frame that allows flex and carry support, strong materials, comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps What companies/brands do you think make the best products? Mystery Ranch, Osprey
Love the idea of a winter pack like BD Dawn Patrol
I'd love to see a buy on external frame backpacks in the 40-60 liter range.
Winter is coming, and no love for Ski-mo or Ski touring backpacks? Something small, around 35 L, has ice axe and ski loops. Rock and ski abrasion resistant. I'd take bomber over light, honestly. Props if it's water resistant or proof, but I'm not holding my breath. Just needs to dry quickly.
One thing that I'm always keeping an eye out for which I haven't found a good solution to is a snowcamping pack which can be split down or reduced in size for day ski touring. You often need a 60-70L pack to get to basecamp but then a 35 is ideal for carrying the day-to-day rescue and touring gear. I have quite a few friends who I tour with as well who wish there was a good pack with ski-touring features which can be expanded/contracted appropriately.
Backpacks are simple; 1) Weighs zero. 2) Carries everything. 3) Multitasking 4) Lasts forever 5) Does not cost an arm and a leg.
Qualities ... Light weight , Durable , Waterproof , comfortable shoulder straps and hip belt. Hip belt pockets included with the pack and a good sized front pocket for wet items. Brands..I was going to get a Zpacks Blast but there has been a lot of YouTube videos of the packs frames breaking. So I have been looking at Hyperlight Mountain Gear , Gossamer gear , ULA Ohm , Superior Wilderness Designs , Six moons , Minimalist and My Trail.
I think something like the Granite gear crown2 would be ideal. It is halfway between a UL pack and a more traditional pack and so would appeal to a maximum number of people. Also, unlike some packs (especially of the ultralight variety) having hipbelt pockets and the like means that buyers don't then have to buy more accessories from the manufacturer like they would with a Zpaks or some of the other manufacturers
I like a good sturdy Pack that will last for years while going off trail. Not concerned as much about weight. Would like to see more from hill people gear, kifar, Eberlestoc, and mystery ranch.
A light, durable 60L pack
I like a balance between light weight and some structure to allow a more comfortable carry and more weight in food and water on a longer carry Between resupply. I’m not a fan of a Cuben fibre bag with a just a hip belt, not enough structure for me. I own a ULA Catalyst ( great because you can get a full size bear can in and because it’s a roll top shrinks and expands easily), an Osprey Exos 48, Granite Gear Crown 60, and a Gregory Paragon 58. I like all of them for different reasons, The only thing I don’t like about ULA’s is that they wet out quickly. I use rain covers on all my bags AND a garbage bag liner. Hip belt pockets and an internal zippered stash pocket( or lid) for valuables are a must for me
I am in total agreement with you. I think a UL pack like the "My Trail 50L pack" would be a great pack if the shoulder pads were a little wider and a little thicker. As is, anyweight over 35 lbs. is uncombable on the shoulders.
Adjustable support system (shoulder, sternum, waist straps). Multiple pockets and easier way to get at gear on the bottom of the pack. Don't need a hydro pack but good frame to help support and distribute weight. Good amount of space and stable when sitting on the ground. Maybe some type of waterproof cover or waterproof main compartment.
I want a backpack or gearbag that I can sit on the ground and dig through without it falling over and collapsing. This usually means I end up with military bags with a hard structural piece on one side.
I use a ULA Circuit. A full bear canister (BV500) will fit but barely, a BV450 fits with ease. Other than capacity, weight matters. An addictive option is zippered side pockets on the waist belt.
Zpacks archaul zip. Ultralight weight but able to carry enough food and water on remote longer trips. Waterproof, easy access external pockets, easy access to water bottles on the go (like osprey design), large hip belt pockets, ability to attach umbrella, stow it capability for hiking poles (again like osprey design. Actually thinking about it my perfect pack would be something like the zpacks with several of the osprey design features at half the price!
Z-packs Arc Blast or Arc Haul. Anything made of DCF. I have an HMG.
What type of qualities do you look for in a backpack? Quality materials and craftsmanship; reasonable load carrying ability while maintaining comfort; exceptional customer service/support from the manufacturer or retailer. Are there certain features that make most sense for you? Hip-belt pockets; integrated water bottle pockets or straps; 40-60 litre capacity options (not necessarily in the same pack); adjustable torso length for customizing fit; forward pull hip-belt tensioners; reasonable weight for the materials used combined with design features. What companies/brands do you think make the best products? ULA makes exceptional packs for light/ultralight backpacking; Stone Glacier and Mystery Ranch make exceptional packs for heavier loads.
ULA Ohm, Zpacks Arc Haul
Aarn packs!
zpacks - Arc Blast
ULA Catalyst or Circuit
Light, Durable, Waterproof/resistant, good fit to body so doesn't move around when running/walking.
I am interested in the z-packs Arc Haul
Light and waterproof or highly water-resistant. I'd use it mostly around town and also for the occasional outdoor adventure.
Ks ultralight- Japan based cottage manufacturer, would love to see a better outlet and or collaboration here on massdrop.
I think the new Massdrop collaboration, Sorenson Fastpack 28L is supercool and has many features I want in a UL pack. However the 28L capacity and the fabric used (Robic) are not ideal in my opinion. If it were 38L and made out of a near waterproof fabric like CF or Xpac, it would be ideal for me. Thanks for asking, MD!!