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Interest Check: Outdoors & Ultralight Backpacks

Hey guys,
We want to hear what Ultralight & Outdoors backpacks all of you are into. More specifically, what brands, types, and styles.
▶ What type of qualities do you look for in a backpack? ▶ Are there certain features that make most sense for you? ▶ What companies/brands do you think make the best products?
We’re always looking at posts and polls of suggestions, and we take this into account when we’re looking for products to put on the site. It doesn’t mean we can secure relationships with any brand of course, but it does mean we can try, and it gives us a better sense of the interests of the community. So let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion.
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xZ77777777Zx, Todd Joseph Dalton, and 37 others

Gregory Baltoro 65, Osprey Atmos 65, Sierra Designs Flex Capacitor, Osprey Aether
Osprey and their lightweight options (+50 l) 🙌
Love Osprey packs.
A lot of people have mentioned this stuff but i will add. 1) Flex capacitor type internal frame. Maybe even a sierra design massdrop run? 2) smaller torso sizes 3) 35 # limit 4) side water bottle access without taking pack off. 5) 60 L with flexibility to lower volume via compression or “brain” concept. 6) $150 zone :)
Bring back the Kelty redwing! I'd also like to see something with molle compatibility
Crown 2 38, with massdrop improvements. :)
Long crown38
Restock the crown, also drop an ULA
Osprey Exos 48. Comfort. Durability. Being able to reach a water bottle in the side pocket. Wish the hip belt was beefier and the belt pockets bigger. Otherwise, love it!
I am interested in Gregory backpacks
The EXO mountain gear K5500 is the best pack I have ever owned.
Restock the crown2 in regular!
Looking for a bigger pack, 50 to 60L. ULW. For women. Side pockets, raincover included
Any have a osprey porter that they use for long term traveling?
Have an osprey shuttle which replaced my old Osprey Meridian.
Personally I’m pining after the Kifaru 14’r as my 3-5 day pack...I’d love a smaller, lighter less bombproof-ish version as a day pack just with cleaner lines, lighter nylon, more everyday life friendly interior organization etc. Yeah, the “civilian” version of a small 14’r basically 😏
for day hikes, I don’t really care, any old bag will do. For backpacking I like my pack to be able to handle different types of scenarios I may be backpacking in. I am in California and I often have to carry extra water or a bear cannister which means many of the ultralight bags do not work well for me. I am also a tent camper and carry a little extra weight due to using a tent. Comfort is very important to me. Specifically comfort up to 40 lbs. I am looking at buying a zpacks arc haul or zip currently. I do not like packs which do not have a rigid suspension of some kind. I do not pack truly ultralight and will often bring my helinox chair zero. I like to buy ultralight gear to help offset any extra weight I might bring.
I’d love to see some quality external frame packs with 30-60L volume. Seems like they’re hard to find now. I also like lots of pockets and durable material.
Comfort with 35-pound load durable, with a good warranty fairly lightweight, preferably under 4 lb. adjustable (or multiple sizes available) for range of waist size and frame length We love our Ospreys. I would also be interested in My Trail Co or a cottage brand that uses Dyneema fabric (Cuben fiber).
Osprey, Mystery Ranch 30-40L Water bottle pocket(s), hip belt pockets, trekking pole attachment Worry free durability
Hill People Gear UTE
Hyperlight Mountain Gear Southwest 3400.
Fjallraven Kajka 75 extreme quality
I'd love an Osprey Levity 60!
Massdrop X Grocery Bag with Straps essentially the old Zpacks zero but made with cheaper material. Dyneeman Grid or Xpac Role Top Mesh side waterbortle pocket mesh back pocket 15-20L main bag 8 oz if possible, 10 oz may cut pockets as required to meet weight no hipbelt no back panel $50 A simple minimalist weekend bag with no frills.
gossamer gear gorilla and mariposa packs. Osprey AG packs. Zpacks.
Minimal, lightweight, quality.
ULA! Cottage industry packs are on the forefront of any serious backpacker's mind right now.
I've got a Circuit but am really wishing I had bought an Ohm. It's easily the most comfortable pack I've ever worn.
If we could get some small (8-13L) packs I'd be super down for that
Qualities 1. Able to comfortably handle up to 35# 2. Womens sizing 3. Under 2.5# 4. Can fit a BV500 horizontally 5. Large hip belt pockets (to fit snacks and phone) 6. Large mesh pocket for wet items 7. Air flow technology to keep back drier 8. Comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps 9. Side pockets that allow me to get to water bottles without taking off backpack 10. Internal frame 11. Load lifters 12. Waterproof would be a wonderful plus 13. Price under $200 14. Lifetime warranty Yes, I want it all!! Just haven't found it yet. The Osprey Eja and Gregory Octal are the closest I have found. The Eja is the most comfortable up to about 30/35#, but has no hip pockets; and has a very annoying top cover that is not removable. The Octal is not as comfortable (good up to about 27/28#); has decent hip belt pockets; comes with a rain cover; and has a removable top cover. Neither are waterproof. Both are internal frame; have large mesh pocket for wet items; have air flow technology; can fit a BV500 horizontally; have load lifters; lifetime warranties; and are easy to remove water bottles with pack on. I use the Eja for loads over 30# and the Octal for loads under 30#.
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$50 for hip belt pockets on top of the cost of the backpack is too much for me, but thank you.
$30, but I totally get it. its from an ultralight made to order company so it does get pricey.
What type of qualities do you look for in a backpack? comfort, quality, ~60-70 liters Are there certain features that make most sense for you? frame that allows flex and carry support, strong materials, comfortable hip belt and shoulder straps What companies/brands do you think make the best products? Mystery Ranch, Osprey
Love the idea of a winter pack like BD Dawn Patrol
I'd love to see a buy on external frame backpacks in the 40-60 liter range.