Jun 1, 2018

expand the backpacking to include motorcycle camping.. (new category?)

I notice a lot here on Massdrop re; backpacking.. and a lot of Motorcycle photos.. can we mix the two, I certainly do! there is a lot of crossover in what you need, in this photo I have a weeks worth of food, shelter & clothing stuffed into the hard cases.
Duncan, Dharmachef, and 4 others

I think you'd be hard pressed to find anybody interested in hard bags and top cases if they weren't looking for bike parts specifically. Big aluminum boxes are sort of cumbersome if you're just hauling them around without a vehicle.
If you turn to something like Kriega or Wolfman's bags, then maybe we can spark some non-moto interest. If we can get any sort of discount on it, I'd be in for stuff from either of those companies for sure... even if you insist on only dropping the bright yellow Wolfman stuff.
I keep eyeing those brands for my next luggage purchase, but Ogio, Givi, Nelson Rigg, SW Motech, etc. all make nice gear, and they'd be welcome additions here, likely to people outside of the intended moto audience. We already have sleeping bags and camp stoves. Now we just need Rotopax and some drybags to pop in for the ADV guys.