Jun 5, 2018

14 Best Infused Drink Recipes to Stay Refreshed This Summer

The verdict is out- water is great for you. But when the taste of plain water isn’t doing it for you, infusing your water with fresh fruits and herbs can take your beverage to the next level.
The Primula Flavor It pitcher delivers when it comes to spicing up your beverages- whether it be tea made with the included Tea Infuser core, or a spa-inspired cucumber mint water using the Flavor Infuser core. Easily keep your beverages cold with the included Chill core- made with a non-toxic gel that can be inserted into the pitcher to keep drinks cold for hours.
But the fun doesn’t stop there! The Primula Flavor It is also great for our 21+ crowd, as it makes infused alcohol beverages a breeze to make. Make sangria for your next dinner party, or margaritas for your next pool party- the possibilities are endless!
The best part about the Flavor It is its versatility. You can brew tea, and then infuse it with fresh fruit, or make fresh sangria by adding your favorite fruits into the infuser core and adding your favorite wine. The 2.9Qt capacity is great for serving up a group of friends or family, and the leak-proof seal on the lid is great at preventing spills and messes.
We’ve rounded up the top 14 recipes for the Flavor It infusion pitcher to help inspire you and get you started on making delicious beverages in your Flavor It pitcher, from healthy infused water recipes to indulgent alcohol-infused drinks, we’ve got you covered.

Healthy Infused Drink Recipes

1. Lemon-Lime Infused Spa Water
2. Lemon and Mint Infused Water
3. Watermelon Infused Water
4. Ginger Mint Infused Water
5. Rosemary and Lemon Infused Water
6. Berry Patriotic Simply Infused Water
7. DIY Sports Drink

Tea Infused Drink Recipes

8. Pineapple, Coconut and Mint Infused Iced Green Tea
9. Arnold Palmer
10. Hibiscus & Ginger Iced Tea

Alcohol Infused Drink Recipes (for our 21+ fans only)

11. Pitcher Perfect Margaritas
12. Apples to Oranges White Sangria
13. Tailgate Punch
14. Drunk Pumpkin Punch

Whether you’re preparing for a summer BBQ with friends and family, or just trying to get your family to start drinking healthy, natural infused water, the Flavor It puts the power in your hands to create infused beverages that you and your whole family can enjoy. Show your style by buying the Flavor It in your favorite color, and get creative with the drinks you make!

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