Jun 8, 2018

I love fog, especially in winter.
I love photos that WANT to be black and white.
winter almost is, anyway.

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Love this page, here’s my contribution.

A crazy storm was coming. If you’ve ever read or listened to the book Hell Divers by Nicholas Sansbury Smith... this is how I envision it.
Have you dabbled with infrared photography?
Only with film.

Old IR film experiments to see what eccentric effects one gets.
That can be fun.
The processing on your BW landscapes reminded me of IR film images.
What do you use for these photos?
really, kind of whatever camera is with me at the time.
So, this one was shot with an iPhone 6s, panorama mode.
I was driving home from work early Sunday morning and I just saw this photo screaming at me.
So I jumped out of the car with the 6s, which was the only camera I had, and took the photos that were there.

Some shoots are planned, like the one with the golden fog at the dry dam, as I knew what the conditions would likely be, and I went out to get it. And the snow-tracks "journey", that was planned too.
For those I tend to use my Sony a9 and a 17-35 mm ultra angle lens. or a flat 35, or a flat 50.
But I bought the iPhone X and I am doing a LOT of experimenting with just what that can do. Because it's a fantastic camera in there.

I have to say this;
I really believe that it's not so much about the camera.
It's about having an "eye" for the photograph that presents itself to you.
The camera/gear is about having the means to show that, (what you see), to other people, and knowing how to use the gear to do just that.
Nice photo. I like the trees in the distance, the road and the electrical lines.
I did too.

that solitary bird on the electrical line made it, even though it's very subtle and nearly not-seen, you know?

thank you for your comment!
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