Jun 9, 2018533 views

Good Place to buy Keycaps?

So I spilled some pop on my DasKeyboard 4 Ultimate, gave it an isopropyl bath, which apparently killed some of the keycaps. Where is a good place to buy keycaps, and should just any Cherry MX keycaps fit that keyboard?

Also, this google sheet of stores may come handy, although the last update appears to be from 2015: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LtrYAR8bo-6OOdQlPRKKT47xSLqAmYLfHf9WK1qLPqc/pubhtml#
Same thing happened to me too. I bought a replacement set from WASDkeyboards: http://www.wasdkeyboards.com/index.php/products/keycap-set.html
Aliexpress, banggood, KBDfans (think they have a Ebay storefront), Amazon, MechanicalKeyboards.com, pimpmykeyboard.com (signature plastics store page), to name a few.
I hear this place called Massdrop sells keycaps once in a while, might be worth checking out.
Wow. Hilarious.
Ideally I don't want to wait until they happen to have a drop that I like, and then wait for them to finally ship it out.
Massdrop also sells less expensive sets with shorter lead times - from Tai-Hao, for example.