Jun 10, 2018

Interest in the Questyle CMA600i

As the title states - I wondered if I was the only one interested in this DAC/AMP combo (https://www.questyle.com/en/product/CMA600i). I’ve only read and watched several great reviews (Zeos‘s was comical as usual https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Y0DzLwfZufQ).

I’d like to get some critical mass to make this a drop.

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Looks like this one at least has analog inputs unlike the CMA400i which is a deal breaker for the CMA400i (not that I'd have interest in it regardless).
Took a trip to their site--very interesting. Was especially impressed with their Gold level "stack" --separate DACs for each channel? Woof--never saw the prices but I can imagine!
The CMA600i retails for $1,200 USD. I can only image the gold stack. I am jumping on a drop for this DAC/AMP sub 1K.
Well, not five-figures, but still up there! We'll all be waiting for a full report when take delivery!
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