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Hello! everybody

what's everyone using today? I'm enjoying the McIntosh MHP1000 headphone + Lehmann Audio Linear amp.

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HD600, DAC1 and M^3 are my daily drivers.

Today listening to AD2000X's (with audeze vegans) through the m9xx. I enjoy it very much.
As i still - hehe all fine - wait for my AKG 7xx i have to listen via my Ultrasone Edition 8 and using a Mytek 8x192 ADDA as a headphone DAC (usually for recording of course). Mine is slightly modded with a femto clock though.
you guys make me so jealous

Living room mayhem! Too much to list, but the star player is the JansZen Valentina Active hybrid electrostats. Sweet, sweet sound.

Bedside rig: Caying iDAC-6 with iHA-6 fed by HiFiMAN HM-901S in the matching dock. Headphones are the Dharma's and the HE-1000.
AKG K7XX and Grace Design m9XX :-) Thanks Massdrop!

I like that combo as well.
I'm just playing with some new Schiit I received yesterday.
that's some nice Schiit... :P
gotta love that Schiit
The McIntosh HP is really impressive. So much so, I bought the review unit. Lehmann Audio Linear USB still holds its own today on the amp side. The Burr-Brown DAC is good sounding, but not up to par with today's offerings.
Today, I'm rockin' the new Simaudio Moon Neo 230HAD + Sony MDR-Z7 with Nordost Blue Heaven cable upgrade. This $599 retail hp is exceptional with a cable upgrade. The stock cable is junk.
I'm very jealous. Great combo you got going there.
what are you rockin'? We would love to see your system. :)
Tonight it's the EtherC out of my Mojo->Liquid Carbon. Rock on ^_^
Fortunate to be rocking the regal Audioquest Nighthawks off the gracious m9XX.
T50RP, and AKG K7XX's with an o2 dac/amp, but looking toward getting some Schiit gear, and a T5p 2nd Gen or Purplehearts next time they're around! ^_^
Definitely rocking a mix between my Shure SRH 1540 and T70p being powered by the lovely m9XX!
Teac UD-301 feeding a Heron 5. Was listening to OPPO Pm3's earlier but now I'm back to the E-mu Ebony.
ohhhh that's fun!