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What's Your Daily Keyboard?

Bringing back one of my old favorite discussions, what keyboard is your daily driver Im using a modified K65 rgb and a planck. But what are you using I'd love to know and If you can make sure to post a pic


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This is my daily driver. <3 Planck.

Looks great Meepsi
I have to say, the jukebox set goes great with planck. I just wish more keysets came with blanks, because I can't stand the standard planck layout!
My work keyboard is getting smaller and smaller ! Not sure I can actually code on a vortex core but I'm going to give it a shot. I'm averaging one keyboard purchase a month. Luckily I'm not having kids! I figure this will still work out cheaper than children. Who am I kidding, these are my children.

I've got 2 Corsair K65s at work. At home I use a G710+ with translucent front print max keyboard keys, and some custom CS buy bind keys for my numpad.
My first mk. Right now I'm waiting for the planck drop to finish, so I can get started with a nice <60% setup.
With backlit caps lock:
I love my dox. So much so that I'm building a second one for home.
I have only two keyboard now, but one of it is my original custom, that sometimes don't working.

So my daily keyboard is Ducky One Fullsize...

I hope to have many keyboards in same time... :(
I'm currently using a split planck, which I just finished making yesterday. Prior to this, I was using a normal planck.
Looking through the other posts here, there are some super awesome boards! Some of those ergodoxes look absolutely mad!

Also I can't say no to a nice 60%, some of the ones here look really nice!
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I just glued the switches to an acrylic cut plate and wired it up with diodes and wire wrap wire. You can still do this without a pcb.
This was supposed to be in response to nyzm...
Still using my 4 year old Max Keyboard Blackbird TKL. Blank Black Esc key. Cherry MX Blue switches. Red backlighting.

Had to replace the original wrist wrest with one from Glorious PC Gaming Race. It's better than I was expecting and I was expecting a lot!
I also have a mechanical 10 key with Cherry MX Blue switches. Love that thing too!
I am constantly changing boards which explains my slow typing speed, or high error speed. Right now using a cheat sheet to get used to this little work I have been using a manilla air with blue switches
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That is a silver label model M. Heading towards 31 years and still working fine. Soulds a little like monkeys playing on bedsprings, but I like it. Plus you can do serious damage to someone if wielded as a weapon. Photo shows the back sticker, needs to be cleaned. Sounds like you do not have the primary sticker on the back.
You can get close to the part number just by the color and location of the IBM badge on the front. There a lot of folks who know a lot more about them, but if yours has a white or blue IBM label on front, there is a good chance it is part number 1391401. Send a photo of yours. You can also take a look at They sell model m's and have a lot of model information in their listing categories.
Wow, thanks for the information. The knowledge about classic keyboards out there never fails to impress me.
I use my trusty cherry g80-3850 mx 3.0
I have the same board. I like it but the chassis is somewhat flexible ...
Nothing special. HHKB2 for home and Filco M2 with blues to work. Waiting on penumbra or oblivion to drop.
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oh i forgot waiting for months for a keycap set is normal haha
Sometimes I have to tell myself "it's not that expensive and it worths the waiting".

It's said that they are going to happen:
GMK Oblivion, April
SA Oblivion, later a few months