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Bought a Casio g shock and items shipped to Brazil (should be Malaysia) but no reply from Massdrop at all??

I recently bought a Casio g shock via its drop but waited for my watch for such a long time.
When I first contacted Massdrop on the slow delivery, nobody replying me. Thus, I contacted DHL and they informed me it might takes 14-30 days to reach me.

I waited patiently and when I check again with DHL, items status: "delivered" and it's Brazil. Omg, it's suppose to be shipped to me in Malaysia!

I contacted DHL again and they told me "unfortunately my item is misrouted to Brazil instead of Malaysia." And they ask me to contact the shipper, which should be Massdrop.

I emailed them with all the details again and until now I get no reply from them. Is this the way you treat your customer?




Just an update to this case. Massdrop is getting in touch with me to solve this problem. Thanks everyone for your help and support. To be fair, I apologize if it's harsh to Massdrop as I have been waited for quite long for their responses. Good job guys
All good, my friend. Glad we can help.
Hi boomber
Sorry to see this happen. I've tried putting this post in front of some of the Massdrop crew, and I hope it helps get some quicker remedy on this for you. I'm confident this will get resolved, its just bad all the way around at this point though.
Good luck,
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No problem. Thanks for your patience, my friend.
Okay, at least i know someone is handling my case now, and i really waiting for my watch FYI.
Dude... Good luck.
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It's really bad. The address stated Malaysia and it's shipped to Brazil with the status Delivered!!!
When I check with DHL they told me to check with shipper. When check with shipper I got zero responses.
I always thought this is a trustworthy seller.
I will be waiting for any response from massdrop till Monday before I proceed to seek for more helps from the relevant authorities.