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how to assemble feeder in section in parker 75 fountain pen

Hello I am a lover of fountain pen I am an administrative I am 40 years old I live in Seville (Spain) I am single I have car hobbies, trekking, reading, etc. I had saved a fountain pen parker 75 grain dorge gold from my father and he did not use it I decided to repair it but I have a question that I would like to share with you ... How to connect the feeder with the section? pressing and now? or do we have to look for a specific area to connect? I have read that the nib can be freely rotated on the section without any obstacle; If that were so, would not it be easier for ink to be thrown between the feeder and the section?


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It sure is beautiful @wolesi! You can try your question here:
Most likely there is ink dried up in the pen, making it hard to disassemble. Have you soaked it in water for a few days? Whatever you do, do not use any pliers. GL
beautifull pen....
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