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Hello, first time poster here so please pardon the unintentional mess-ups.
What i want: These TV's to be at a lower price, somewhere in the range of $2000 USD, maybe wishful thinking but i still hope for the best. (even more would be beyond anything i hope for :D)
The story: I have a very specific taste, essentially boiling down to what is the best tech and how cost effective is it. These TV's are something that i looked at and immediately thought "This is the one", i currently own some old 1080p Sony Bravia TV and while it is satisfying the need for a TV, it is not even a smart TV, making me use the old technique of hooking up the computer from time to time to watch some good old But in the last year due to an upgrade in the home desktop, we decided to get a 4K screen, upon searching we found out about these new technologies of Samsung's Quantum Dot and HDR and OLED and of course the standard Sony Bravia Technology. What the decision ended up as, you already know, with a 4K screen, wider than any other color Gamut, OLED black levels, and PASSIVE 3D, these TV's are the perfect upgrade we have been looking for.
The reason: Impatience. Clearly (looking at older 4k TV models) the prices will be dropping in the next year but that's a whole year (or half) of waiting for both a price drop and THEN some sale period to come up as well. It's just too long a waiting period. Right now, whether it be due to black friday sales or some other reason, the 55 inch version is 21% off for a price of $2499 USD, that's $3375.4 CAD, and i know the only other way to get a further discount is to try to appeal here at massdrop.
I hope you share some of my intentions and bring this to the attention of the people over at LG.

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"found out about these new technologies of Samsung's Quantum Dot and HDR and OLED a" ---
Samsung is QLED not OLED -
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