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Morstone Custom 96% Mechanical Keyboard Kit by Moryee



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wait, 532 USD? really?
Certainly a unique design, although the color limitations aren't impressive. Lacking a lot of information, unless this is exactly the board that someone linked from kprepublic.
Gamer aesthetic done right.
Could I please have an ID on the black and red keyset?
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Doubt it's made for the board seeing as they have to use a blank for the right shift and a random novelty for the numpad 0. Most likely just a random set they had hanging around as there's ocean dolch on the blue one.
DCS diablo in Chinese. Sorry that I can't confirm it's exact ID.
it does look exactly the same as the one on that other site, i wonder why massdrop is trying to sell this aswell ? its not a hako/halo switch.
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only my first sentence was being serious. ha-ha. not funny jokes don't work well on the internet.
Haha, my bad. I read the one below, then read half of yours. :P
I'm confused, is this the same thing that's on kprepublic right now? https://kprepublic.com/collections/group-buy/products/moyan-96-96-custom-keyboard-kit?variant=9822686150700
Maybe this person is trying to get it sold here in Massdrop for a lower price? Wow that is pricey at kprepublic though.
Yes that's it. Moyan is the name just came from Chinese.
What's that 5 pin connector?
Why not just use USB-C and make life easy for replacement cables?
if i had to guess it's a magnetic usb dealio
That's just a magnetic usb dealio. We just consider about using USB-C.But due to over 200 rgb beads we use, we just need this to fulfill electricity supply and fit our case design.
Looks awesome. I read there is polished copper and CNC milling. Would it be possible to list the component materials that make up the board?
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Yes, plate, top housing, bottom housing, weight (if available). I was curious what materials composed the keyboard. Also what options you were considering for when the group buy is live. Thanks!
There no top housing , bottom housing is made of aluminum and colored acrylic inside(yellow one as you see).
Amazing product! Keep it up!
Glad you like!That's really great encouragement for us.