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A new(ish) Seiko Turtle and Samurai

Seiko is releasing these new Turtle and Samurai models, the SRPC91 and SRPC93 “Save the Ocean” series, with a portion of the sales of these models going to the Fabien Cousteau Ocean Awareness Center.
I really like the dials wave pattern that fades from blue to black, but I’m on the fence about the black edges of the bezel and the crown. The movement is a 4R hacking and winding, so it’s utilitarian roots are intact.
Seiko still makes some of the best dials and knows how to convey them.


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How do I buy this..?
At least it doesn't have that awful "Seiko 5" shield.
Because it's not part of the seiko 5 line. None of the other seiko samurais or turtles were part of it either.
It was love at first sight with these dials but I really was not sure about the black crown and bezel edge. However, on the turtle, the black is starting to grow on me. I have not added a turtle to my collection yet because I only want one and still haven’t decided which one, now this is the newest contender.
These are quite pretty.

*Checks ebay*

" I really like the bezels wave pattern that fades from blue to black, but I’m on the fence about the black edges of the bezel and the crown. "

Same. I was ready to jump on this and order the Turtle but this gave me enough pause for my brain to kick in and I held off.
Ooh those are pretty. I like the face detail too. Wish I could transplant the wave detail onto my blue lagoon turtle :)

The black edged bezel and crown work on the turtle but not the samurai...the black edges contrast too much w bracelet, kinda look like an afterthought.
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Quick question, how's the price on this and is it still a good Seiko? Face is a little cluttered but seems a nice piece for the price? Still learning...

Hey Blaire,

sorry for the late response, This is a cool piece, and the price seems quite attractive. The movement is the V195 I think, which has proven hearty, and Seiko solars are known to kind of run forever. The watch face is a bit busy, and chrono's are not everyones cup o' tea, but Seiko does a good job balancing dials really. That watch can do a lot though, and I'd be worried if dad isn't a tinkerer or just enjoys simple, he might get a bit frustrated with the whole scope of the watches features.

Did you see the SKA369? Kinetic movement, straight forward and simple. Also kind of large though, a Seiko trait. Being a Kinetic, it is a quartz watch that is charged by wearing it, and should run for a good while. It's designed to hold a charge for 6 months when you wear it, and charged again each subsequent time it's worn.


They’re beautiful versions of these Seiko divers. I’ve owned the SRP773 Turtle 🐢 since it was released and its been my daily watch. I think I might just save up my pennies to buy this new Turtle 🐢👍👍
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