Jun 24, 2018

Pint glasses

So I attempted to create a poll for the North Drinkware Pint glasses hopefully I did it correctly. Anyone else know of any cool Pint glasses? Looking for something a bit different than just the regular old glass or the the Guiness glasses that I already have plenty of. I know a lot of people these days say there is a particular type of glass for each beer but hey who can really tell the difference in taste? I know I can't so lets see what we can find. https://northdrinkware.com
steve, Massjim, and 4 others

Thanks for the tip. I checked out their site--pretty cool stuff overall!
For beer I like to use a tulip shaped glass personally, a straight-sided glass will not enhance the experience for me (plus where beer is concerned I love the Belgians).
You may care but the beer doesn't (and neither do we).