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Can someone recommend big faced watches, preferably with some gold on it.

My price range is about $300

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What you need it for, and what's your expectation?

I currently hold 5 watch, all different occasion.
Tool watch is automatic beater
leather and my Longines for events
500m diver for diving, with extra strap
titanium day/date quartz is casual.

I highly suggest you try cheap automatic (like, $50) to see if you can get used to it.
$300 is tough range, you get mediocre product. I said you either go extremely cheap or get a powerful statement watch. IF you don't buy often (last watch I brought is 10 years ago)

Seiko/Citizen are excellent beater
Tudor/TAG/Longines/Omega are excellent statement watches, and I love Rolex but at same time hate them (submariner and day-date) because is like a overstatement....almost yelling lol

Upkeep for automatic definitely worth it.

Good entry level Auto beater:

$300 range

Great suggestions erichung1218 . Love the breakdown of watch type by use case (events, water wear, casual, etc..).
Have a look at Theyre offering £149.99 discount using code BF180 I think
Zeppelin LZ129 Hindenburg. I categorize anything 40mm and up as big on my end.
These have beautiful designs, and my watch maker was so impressed w them [especially the myota powered automatics ] that he picked up the line to start selling them. I am fond of the moonphase and chronos but thjs gold cased blue dialed beauty is a great value at sub 300 new. I would look for minty used for an even stronger buy
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