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Any chance we'll see these watches on here???

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I bought a Shinola at discount at Nordstrom Rack in my city. There always seem to be a few there that are 50%-75% off MSRP. I bought a Brakeman chronograph like this one for $300 after it caught my eye.$500+-+1000&gclid=CL_J0fWHotMCFYi2wAodHNwGsQ
It was my first "nicer" watch and learning about watch quality is what led me to watch geekdom. I still wear the Shinola watch as my intermediate-dress watch. The band is starting to change coloration after one year of ownership and wear .
I too was interested when Shinola first came out. Though probably a descent time piece, they never displayed any qualities to justify the high prices. My opinion only compounded when it was revealed that these watches are not "Made in America", but assembled. Deceptive advertising practice as well as using Detroit as a shill to move an average (at best) product really soured me to their product and cause. Pass.
I was initially very interested around the launch of the first series of watches. I figured the prices would become more realistic over time. But apparently they have marketing genius' that know how to vacuum money out of lesser-informed shopper's pockets. They are overpriced and a bit heavy on the marketing BS is my take on them these days.
I think they're interesting and Bill Clinton certainly rocked one at the Democratic Convention. Not sure massdrop could get a better price than in the wild however.
Could always check out costco website, just saying. Not sure if massdrop could get much cheaper.
Nearly $1,000 for a quartz watch? No thanks. Much better values from Hamilton and Tissot, not to mention the thousands of micro brands out there.
Can I add a Shanola Hampton joke here?
I would also be interested to see Shinola watches dropped
Was originally a huge fan of them too. Then discovered that they're only assembled in the US, with parts made in China. Nothing wrong with that, just that the tagline of "Made in America" is misleading. Very impressive what they've accomplished with the brand.
For a similar styles and price point, but a much better performance, I'd take a look at: Stowa, Laco and Junkers.
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