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Need a Dac/Amp system

Hello there,
First off - I am a audiophile noob, so if you can please use simpler reasoning and terms so i can follow.
Now, I currently have the Bose Companion 2 Speakers and bought the Massdrop 6XX headphones. I havent started using them because when i plugged them into my computer, they didn't seem to sound right. After reading online, I saw that everyone recommends getting a Amp and DAC.
I have been so confused and overwhelmed by the options I have out here. My budget is around $400 CAD. I want something that I can connect both my speakers and my headphones too. I am looking into the CLH + SDAC currently available on massdrop.
Massdrop has a lot of options for Amp/DAC options but im unsure of ones that will allow me to use both my devices. I am not an enthusiast but more so someone who enjoys great sound.

Any help would be super appreciated!

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As mentioned earlier, the Fulla 2 is your one stop shop. It will run your cans and act as a nice preamp to your Bose.
If you primarily listen to EDM, I think Jotunheim is a good choice. It also pairs nicely with HD650 and even better though 4-pin XLR. Jotunheim has basically become my end game amp for EDM for me.
I'd start at http://www.schiit.com/products/fulla-2
Maybe you’ve already considered this, but you might be better served to split the two and get the DAC first followed by the amp later. That’s how I got into the audiophile world and it allowed me to upgrade easier. You definitely need both for the 6xx cans but I consider a good DAC to be more important. I have bad tinnitus though so I don’t tolerate high volumes well.
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