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Citizen EcoDrive

I've owned my Citizen Navihawk AT for several years now and love it. It is the only watch I've owned that I consider purchasing again, just to have it in a different design. Are there any other fans of this watch out there?
StainlessOnly and clbonefeld

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I own three of these watches and love the style and functions they offer.
I agree, Citizen makes some of the nicest watches, I have 16 and can't decide which one I want to ware. In my opinion, there moderately priced, opening the door to just about anyone and I've never had any problems. Good call Slurry!
Good choice! No Navihawk owner here, but I do have a couple eco-drives. They are great watches, and my oldest is nearing 9 years on the original solar powered battery. It still keeps great time!
Yes, eco-drive is an awesome concept executed extremely well by Citizen. My only fear for this watch was longevity. But if you're on 9 years with the same battery, I think I can put that fear to rest. I'd love to see a massdrop for any Navihawk. Possibly one day.
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