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How many headphones are too many?

I'm currently at 16 total for cans (7) and IEMs (9). Randomly started thinking about this as I'm going through my current collection for old, barely used sets to sell off. Is there a limit to how many one should own or is collecting in this hobby reasonable? Even though I want to sell stuff off, there's that part of me that's saying, "Keep em'. You'll listen to them in the future. Maybe."
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This question isn't about how many headphones are too many really. Its how many <insert tool here> you need for the <job>. Its like how some music producers have like 25 different machines, instruments and secret tech they use to produce the music they make. Same thing with headphones and you answered your question yourself pretty well. Your job in your mind is to enjoy the music, the many different genres of music you listen to, so you need all these different headphones. It becomes "too many" when you start listening to people outside of your frame who are jelly of your passion and cool toys.

I only own 2 headphones and 1 headset for gaming that I don't use anymore. All Sennheiser and the collection will grow and grow over time. My first Sennheisers lasted like 10 years till sound went out on the left ear. I could fix and mod these (HD 280 Pro) but too lazy, they sound really nice tho I loved them.
I guess it really depends on how much time you have with them. Recently, i thin down my collections from 19 to 8. I kept more IEM/In Ear as i use them more and have lesser time for full size headphones.
If you ain't using or enjoying them, they are just being wasted.. Right now i'm left with..

AKG K702
Sennheiser Momentum Wireless
AKG N60NC Wireless

Sennheiser IE80
Nuforce Primo 8
Jaybird Freedom 2

Sold M220 Pro and a couple of IEM like Momentum In ear, AKG N20U, FiiO FH1, Nuforce EDC, Sony XB75, Sony XBA-300.. Can't possibly listen to all
The interesting thing is I have everything in a rotation. My Shure 846 are my EDC and I usually bring either 2 other IEMs or a closed back with me to work (they change out depending on my mood for the day). At home, I have certain cans I use through my AVR for gaming or watching movies and others through my desktop amps. Truthfully for me, there isn't a headphone I own that doesn't get some ear time a few times a week. I have a very eclectic taste in music and depending on the genre and source, some headphones are just better than others. My one exception is my Focal Elex as I will always find an excuse to listen to those daily no matter the circumstance (usually right before bed). Those are my absolute favorite and just demand me to jam out to something at the end of my day.
That's good! As long as they aren't collecting dust at one corner, you needn't worry about having too many. I thin down my collections cause i only use a particular few. Just like people owning few shoes for different purposes, Work. Weekends. Trekking. Running. I guess it the same for headphones. They each serve a different purpose.
I'm about to hit 50 different units. I plan on minimizing my collection down to the top 10 pretty soon.
I shared the number here's the list:

Beyerdynamic T1
Focal Elex
HiFiMan HE-500
Sennheiser HD650
Ultrasone Pro 900
Fostex TH-X00 (MH)
Phillips Fidelio X2
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro
SoundMagic HP-150
Sennheiser HD555 (the one that started me down this rabbit hole)

Sony MDR-1000X
Sennheiser Urbanite XL Wireless

Audeze Sine
Beyerdynamic DT1350
Grado SR325e
Sennheiser PX200-II

Noble x MD K10u
Sennheiser IE800
HiFiMan RE-600
Sony MDR-7550
UE Triple-Fi 10 Pro
Audio-Technica CKR9
Vsonic GR07
Vsonic VSD5
MEE A151 (2nd gen)
Zero Audio Carbo Tenore
Fostex TE-02WP
Xiaomi Piston III
Baldoor/Mrice E100

Beyerdynamic DT880 - replaced by T1
HiFiMan HE300 v2 - replaced by X2

All get use a few times a year at the minimum. Haven't really touched the Urbanite's nor the Baldoor's in a real long time but one I'm trying to sell and the other is there to remind me that the Hype Train is real.
40 something ..but don't worry, they are all under 50 Euro / Dollar. Had the stupid idea to find the needle in the straw.
End of year I will buy my fist more expensive ones ...any recommendations ?
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Well, to hear Musik in a completely different way. An entry drug for beginners.
Also equipment if needed.
For sure I would not spend 50 000, but let's say from 200 to 500 !? Or do I need
2000 for this experience ?
I am a user, not audiophile in the classic way. I am 50. I use to listen to a lot of live music, guitar and singing...neo folk like Counting crows but also a little jazz, pop, even dub ...a wide spectrum. I like a wide stage, clear voice and a warm sound.
Any suggestion s or a link to learn the basics of being a " high fidelity person"
Sorry for writing this here. Thank you
Does that budget include source/amp?

An important thing to note is that there is no accounting for personal taste. Without knowing what sort of frequency response you like, it is very difficult to give useful advice (easy to give advice that simply appears to be useful, however). Personally, I don't buy anything anymore without first auditioning it, but I realize that's not possible for everyone.

I have auditioned pretty much everything at the Source AV under $3k, which covers most of the usual suspects, including MrSpeakers, ZMF, Sony, Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, Focal, Hifiman, Audeze ... might even be missing some. My hands down favorite is the Focal Clear. Some people don't like it, though, and I have to say I'm not really a fan of the Elear for some reason. In your stated price range, my favorites are the TH-x00 and the now-discontinued PM-3, depending on how much bass you want. If you like a brighter headphone, I would go with something from Beyerdynamic; if less bright, then Sennheiser.
20 headphones is too many. I say that because I have 19. That number is subject to change as I acquire more. :-)
"No man should own two headphones, until everyman owns one!"
--Comrade Lenin

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Weird. The hat finally makes sense to me...
Well "sharing" is better, but you know how stingy these one-percenters can be!

I want to have one of each type. Which kinda breaks down into the following along with examples:

-open back full size high impedance (HD 600/dt880-600ohm)
-closed back full size (ATH-M70x)
-open back planar magnetic (Sundara)
-closed back portable on-ear (Beats, HD 25)
-Dynamic driver IEM (RE-400, NuForce EDC, CA Vega)
-Balanced Armature IEM (Massdrop Plus)
-Electrostats (Stax, Mr Speakers Voce)
-Noise canceling (Bose)
-Bluetooth/wireless (Bose again)
-Gaming headphone with 3.5mm for modmic (Philips SHP9500)

Which brings it to 10. I don't want to have anything more than this and will sell anything that is in a category with more than 1, keeping the one I think sounds better. Heck, even 10 is excessive and I should probably cut it down to one premium desktop pair and one travel pair.
you need exactly40 because I have 35 and want 5 more once I have all 40 I reserve the right to alter the number
I think the limit is when you run out of space to store them.
Currently in the stable:
Beyerdynamic DT990 , DT880, and DT1770 Pro

Philips X1 and X2HR

I just got my Sennheiser HD6xx and am awaiting the arrival of the Hi-fi Man HE-4xx.

My Sony WH-1000XM2 rounds out the over-ear headphone department.
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How are you liking the Sony 1000xm2? I've been thinking about picking up a pair since they occasionally go on sale in my country for a little over US$200 new. I'm not sure I really need them... but that's the headphone disease, right?
I really like the Sony's. Extremely convenient, fast paring, excellent sound if your source is good ;)
I run them off of my LG V30+ which supports LDAC connectivity and hi bit-rate streaming, so sound is actually quite dynamic. The ANC is ridiculously good, better than my wife's Bose QC25 and my friend's QC35 honestly, but it takes some fiddling with the Sony app to get it just right. My friend and I listened to each others and he said he was jealous.
I'm going through the same dilemma (but maybe to a lesser extent). So far I've decided that if I'm not listening to them anymore, they need to go. But I keep hesitating when it comes to selling them off...

My 'proper listening' headphones:
- Sennheiser HD650
- Sennheiser HD6XX
- DT880 (250ohm)
- Bose QC25
- Shure SRH440
- Fiio F9 Pro
- Sennheiser Momentum on-ear

I think I can get this down to just:
- Sennheiser HD650 (home)
- DT880 (250ohm) (work)
- Bose QC25 (travel)
- Fiio F9 Pro (portable)

I have lots of other headphones and earbuds (cheap Sennheisers, Jabra wireless, etc) but I'm not going to list them all and they are used for activities where they get rough treatment, so they have a place.