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How to use the Topping MX4 DSD DAC with iPhone X?

The Topping MX4 DSD DAC/Amp did not come with a lightning adapter cable to work with the iPhone X or iPad. I can't find any information about compatibility of the unit with the iPhone or iPad. The internal instructions with the product says it will work with iOS, but to only use supplied cables (but a lightning cable isn't provided). The manufacturer's website is in Chinese and I can't find anything about this.
Can anyone tell me:
1. Does anyone know if the DAC supports the iPhone X and iPad with lightning port?
2. Do you have a recommendation of a lightning adapter cable to get to connect this product with the iPhone or iPad.

The NX4 DSD requires the Apple Camera Kit adapter in order to work with iOS devices.
I chose the non DSD version of the NX4 because it had native iOS support and came with the lightning to micro USB cable.
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SUCCESS! I got it to work with the Apple camera adapter. I just had to fiddle around with the volume buttons on the iphone. They have to be set at 100% in order for the Topping to get the signal (go figure). Thanks for your tips!
Excellent! Enjoy