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I received damaged Faber Castell Loom & MassDrop won't help 😤

So I contacted MassDrop hoping that they would help since this was received in a poorly packaged box and the pen wasn't secure in its box. They said sorry not our problem blame the freight forwarder that shipped the package you've provided. I never had such horrible treatment and they won't respond anymore to my emails. Such BS. 😤
Kneppler and vinylhead

Massdrop has weird customer service. They'll always get the job done, but you're left stuck wondering if you were talking to some customer service AI bot
SORRY BRO!!! I am utterly disgusted that a customer should be treated this way and I assure you that I will in future be very hesitant to order from Massdrop AND probably never will again. SHAME ON YOU MASSDROP.
Did you order under a different user id or something? Because there's a glaring hole in your story, looking at your profile...
@vinylhead Did they?
They sent me a replacement at my request instead of refund. Very happy how they handled this.
Hi Vinylhead -- I'm sorry about that initial response you received, our Community Support team works hard to help every issue but this case wasn't handled per our policy by the CS agent. We're reaching back out to your email now to help resolve this issue with you.
Thank you Christian. Hopefully MassDrop team will help sort this out for me.